Descrypt – Dual Blader

Well I guess I didn’t get a chance to do much yesterday. I had work, class, and distractions. πŸ™‚

I finally made the Dual Blade Character after their unscheduled maintance on Wendesday. It wound up ending around 10pm EST and I was on my way home from class so I didn’t miss much at all. They fixed almost all of the problems with the game(not sure if they removed the duped items), and Dual Blades have been running smoothly.

Back on topic – my new Dual Blade character’s IGN is Descrypt(something I learned recently isn’t even a word[even if the y was an i]. So I think it’s ok. πŸ™‚ the original root I was going for was Indescript, which means something vague or not described or defined. Removing the “In” would imply that there is a clarity or definition to something, which, even though it isn’t not a real word, seems to suit what I was going for.

Many Maplers have been doing the free level 30 Dual Blade event, but I wanted this character to have been all mine, nothing skipped, nothing passed. I found out later that that was the smart choice anyways because every DB character started from the free level 30 thing has about 500HP less, which is a big flippin’ deal for a class that has so little HP(similar to bandits and assassins). Just playing casually for about 3-4 hours (on 1x) I managed to get to level 27 before it got too late and I crashed. The morning after(yesterday), I resumed at 27, and pushed on through to level 30 and eventually up to 34 by the end of the day. I’m still sitting at 34, haven’t started training or even playing today – I wish I could have but I had some work and other responsibilities to take care of.

It’s 8:47Pm and we may or may not have bossing tonight at 10pm so I’m unsure about whether or not I should buy a 2x 4hour card and start grinding. I’d love to, but it may not be wise to waste a good 2 hours of it if our bossing group decides to go fight Chaos Zakum or (regular) Horntail. They went last night and managed to kill Chaos Zak in about 45 mins, and they killed him twice. I was late coming home from class and dealing with work stuff so I didn’t get to go but if they decide to go again tonight I’ll try to hop on that train.

My only concern with my Dual Blade is wondering if I messed up the mask quest. I was supposed to have gotten a free mask at level 20 but I never saw or heard of that quest, so I didn’t get a mask at 20 or 30(so far). I’m beginning to get worried about missing some important quest that I can no longer unlock. If I wind up training to level 40 and I still don’t get one, I’ll have to remake the character.

That’s about all for now, I’ll update you guys later. Here’s a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure. πŸ™‚

That’s all for now, I’ll post some more later maybe(especially if I go to Chaos Zak).



Global MapleStory Patch v0.88

The patch is up! If only my enthusiasm lasted longer than that statement.

Once again Nexon America’s lack of a test server just blows issues madly out of proporition. They had previous announced that the game would be up at 2:30pm EST – and managed to reduce that time by almost 2 hours by releasing around 12:45pm EST, however, apparently early isn’t better than a delay. They have completely managed to re-implement duping of items via the characters that have been HellBanned(a new type of ban that blocks a user from trading, being on ranks, or otherwise moving any items on or off of their account). This newest patch has allowed the previously hellbanned characters(at least most of them) access to trading again, however, all of their skill points from all jobs have been refunded back into the pool and none of the skills have any mastery that will allow you to put the points back in. Back on topic, not only did those hellbanned characters lose all their mesos and skills, but nexon rolls back the character every time they relog. This allows a hellbanned character with good equipment to trade it off to another character, relog, have the equipment, and rinse repeat until they have as many of the item on another character as possible.

Several other issues were made apparent after the patch was upped such as:

  • The inability to use any item that you sent through storage(it says it didn’t have enough durability to be equipped)
  • Dual Blade characters being banned randomly for no reason.
  • No free character slot, as Nexon had advertised.
  • Deletion of characters is not functioning properly.
  • NX Cash not appearing in the Cash Shop.

The bolded items have been announced to be corrected during a 4 hour unscheduled server maintenance from 5:00pm EST(now) to 9:00pm EST.

My dilemna is that I already clicked delete on one of my old characters that I would prefer to keep – now that I know we’re getting a free slot. However, I’m not sure if my delete will finally have gone through during the new server maintenance or not (last time I checked after clicking delete, nothing happened to the character).

I’ve got class in just a little bit, gotta dress formally for a mock-interview so it’s going to take me a bit longer than usual to get ready.

I’ll post later when I get a chance to play a bit! I believe I will be calling my new Dual Blade character “Catene(Chains in Italian)” or “Traverso(‘Transverse’ or ‘Across’ in Italian)”. If anybody reads this in the meantime let me know what you think!


Ohi/Night Lord Supremacy[VIDEO]

Hah, I’m a total liar when it comes to how often I say I’m going to post. With that in mind, Maplestory is about to go through some cool changes that I would love to document on my blog… if I can remember to post. The patch is on Wednesday, July 21st, from 1am EST until 2:30pm EST.

The Potential Item system is coming out in Global Maplestory, which will be throwing all currently ‘strong’ equipment out of the window and filling the economy with things that will make player-damage absurd. %-based increases to stats, def, HP/MP, weapon attack, and mini-buffs like self-haste, self-sharpeyes and self-hyperbody, and some others will be granted via items now. Nexon has more info on their site regarding how it works – the system would overwhelm this post if I tried to explain it.

On top of that, Dual Blades are being released. Originally this was the highlight and primary caption for this patch, but I think Nexon America has underviewed how important adding the Potential System is, and how it will ultimately overshadow everything else they release with this patch.

Back on topic, Dual Blades. I’ve wanted one since I first heard about them in KMST – I’ve loved them ever since I saw how much fun they appear to be, and I’ve needed one ever since I heard they could do HELLS ROLLING(minor reference to anyone that played Megaman Battle Network and fought Bass.EXE) – also known as Flying Assualter in-game. I believe once I create a Dual Blade that I will have reason to continue regularly updating my blog as I play and train. Unfortunately, my college doesn’t believe in summer breaks so I’m still having classes year-round and my playtime and game-focus will not be nearly as high as it was in the past – but sigh, such is life.

Oh also they’re releasing Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail with this patch. Both of them do some pretty absurd stuff and I don’t believe it would have been easy to kill either of them for quite a while without the release of the Potential System. But considering we’re going to be gaining an extreme amount of strength because of it, destroying CZak should be pretty easy. Not sure about Chaos Horntail, I hear it does some pretty absurd and if I can’t get a good 3k+ more HP after HB I won’t even be able to survive the fight. I’ve finally managed to break 10k HP(6.1~k w/o HB) on my NL with Hyper Body, which is quite a nice feat, but it’s still never enough.

On other notes, I finally finished that video I kept talking about. And so I present to you, Night Lord Supremacy.

I’ve got a mid-term tonight, I need to get back to studying. Just thought I’d let those of you faithful few who still check this blog a little about whats coming up.



Pink Bean, Aran, Neo City

Sup everyone,

So I’m still enjoying maple after having come back to play about a month ago, I’ve been on pretty consecutively lately and I’m back to feeling comfortable in the game again.

Quite a bit has happened in the past month, to start things off we had a Pink Bean trial run about 2-3 weeks back, and before I say anything else I need to mention that there is not one consolidated group in all of gMS with the high HP required to kill PB. He does 18-19k damage, and unless you’ve spent over 1600$ on HP washing a ranged character, you will not be able to survive the fight(as of now). So back to the run – we decided to see how far we could go this time around, since the last time we went we had practically no time left and barely made it into the last phase. Now for those of you that don’t know, the Pink Bean fight is split up into 6 phases, Phase 1 is the statue on the far left, Phase 2 is the statue from phase 1 + the statue on the far right, Phase 3 is 3 statues, and so on, up until Phase 6 where all the statues are finally dead and the real fight with Pink Bea occurs. Regarding our most recent trial run, we DID make it to the 6th Phase, and we happened to have a little over 19 minutes to fight him, so we were going to see what kind of damage we could inflict on him, but pretty much 90% of our ranged attackers died immediately, myself included. I’ve uploaded a video to youtube of the fight, see below. πŸ™‚

Part 1:

Part 2:

Moving on from pink bean, I’ve been training and enjoying my Aran character quite a bit lately. As of my last post the character(Wyndow) was level 50 but now I’m sitting at lv. 91 and the character continues to get more and more fun – I might even continue playing it on into 4th job. It’s really quite hard to say what I’ll play and when I”ll do it, the future is so unpredictable and I have no idea what may or may not come up in the next few months.

For those of you that are wondering, my training on my Aran went from the following places:

1-13 on Rien
14-16 on Pigs or other misc Victoria monsters
17-22 on Dark Stumps
22-24 in Ant Tunnel
24-30 on Sand Rats and Iron Mutae
30-41 at CPQ
41-55 at Cars in Singapore and MP3 in Singapore
56-63 at Wind Raiders
63-83 at Storm Breakers
83-91(current) at Galloperas.

I’m expecting to stay at Gallos until mid to late 10x, we’ll see how that goes. The Aran is alot of fun, and maybe I’ll release a training video of it sometime – my creativity is still itching.

There was a new patch a few days ago, and with it came the release of the Kerning Market and Neo City(The extremely crappy and weak version of Neo Tokyo). I’ve always liked the art style of the Neo Tokyo, and since City is just a nerfed knockoff I figured it would look the same – it does, and it’s quite a nice place to go. As for Kerning market I believe it is a very low level place and high levels cannot enter but I could be mistaken, I just haven’t tried it yet. Very much of the high level community of MapleStory were upset with the release of Neo City, and not Neo Tokyo – Neo Tokyo has some very cool monsters to fight, that are not only strong and difficult, but also fun. One of the original boss fights consists of a 0 gravity room where you’re practically fighting a boss like you’re underwater – unfortunately we didn’t even get that in Neo City, not even with a weaker version of the boss. The entire area has been a disappoint to me besides the artwork – the monsters and maps and backgrounds are phenomenal, and I wish Neo City were a place I’d ever be going back to(but I won’t). I finished all the quests there yesterday and there is absolutely no reason to go back, the monsters don’t have 100k+ hp and high exp like they do in the original, so they’re not monsters I’ll ever train on. The boss is not something I’ll ever hunt, and you cannot forge the high level and very strong weapons that the original Neo Tokyo released. All in all if you’re under level 110-120 you’ll probably get a kick out of the new place, and maybe even get some good experience out of it as well.

Horntail has been going well, last night we had to do only 1 run since we happened to lose all of our bishops but 1 to disconnections, the seduce was kind of scary(I was in the party with no Bish), luckily we killed the dragon quickly enough for no harm to have come out of the Seduce – Hero’s Will was option B. πŸ™‚

At the moment the login server is down and I’m eagerly awaiting it to come back up again – this game has sunk its teeth into me once again, and I’m having alot of fun(despite the toothmarks). I have Final Exams next week and I should really begin studying, I have an exam review tonight, we’ll see how pressing and difficult the exams will be – I should be fine though, and if they seem to be more difficult and require more time than I expected…. Well, you won’t see me for a while then, not until they’re done and gone.

Till next time~


Glitches, Damages, and Other Craziness

Hey guys,

This is probably the quickest consecutive post I’ve made on here in ages. Just to start things off, I’m rendering a new test video that will determine the quality of my new videos from this point on out. I’m attempting a 720p 60hz video render – if youtube won’t hurt the quality on that then I believe things should be very smooth.

On other notes, a patch forΒ  GMS(Global Maplestory) was released about a week ago – and with it came the Pyramid Party Quest. You can either enter alone or with a party, and the objective is to kill as many monsters as you can and progress through the stages while keeping your attack bar up(if it goes down from not attacking, or you miss too much, you lose). However, the main perk to this party quest is that after you get either 250, 500, 1000, or 2000 kills, you get a damage buff that goes up incrementally with each level. 100% damage boost for 250 kills, 200% boost for 500 kills, 300% for 1000, and finally 400% boost for 2000 kills. Under normal circumstances, the buff should be removed when you click out of or leave the PQ. As usual though, Nexon messed something up and you WERE able to leave the map with the buff, thus wreaking insane havoc upon any monster that you attack with SUPER DAMAGE. Check down below to see a screenshot. Take note that I’m using the 200% buff, and the damage is already insane.

It actually affects Shadow Partner insanely and makes its own damage go up much higher than it should be. i.e. instead of 50% of my regular damage, SP does 50% + 200% of my regular damage = 250% damage.

So, because this amazing damage was here, 1st Gen decided to try some bossing and see how crazy/fast it would be with this kind of damage.

First we went to Grandpa Boss – I had never actually gone and survived a run in the past, but we decimated him in less than 15 minutes. Proof:

Shortly after that we went to Horntail, first run everything went smoothly, with only 2 disconnections. We definitely broke our record with a 13 minute run. Yeah, you heard me, 13 minutes to kill 2b(all of Horntail’s collective HP) damage. Second run I wanted to record the run, but unfortunately as soon as I started recording my Maple froze and I was disconnected. I reformatted my computer only a few days ago and I guess I hadn’t worked out all of the kinks.

Surprisingly Nexon repaired the glitch of being able to exit the PQ with the buff in the server check yesterday. Generally they let rampant bugs and glitches go on for way too long – and things just get disgustingly out of hand. The glitch/bug whatever thing was fun while it lasted but it would destroy the economy and the ultimate sense of fun if it remained.

I’ve come full circle and now the video is finished rendering, I’m going to upload it to my youtube page at now for those of you who are interested in checking it out – It’s not my NL, just a noob Aran I have on my Gunslingers account.

Gonna start the upload and head to the gym, been a while since I’ve gone and I feel out of shape so its time to repair the problem. Hopefully I can keep it up and not be lazy about going on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading,



I guess by now you’ve realized that you can’t trust my “I’ll post on this more often” statements. So completely disregard them if I ever say that again. My devotion of time to MapleStory is much like the growth of grass in a dry season – I grow when it rains but without rain I’m lifeless. Unless Nexon actively fuels my reason to play, I tend to prioritize all of the important things in life like school, work, and friends.

College is going well, I’m into my 5th quarter and my 1st year is finished. I get my associates degree in Computer Networking this December(2010), so we’ll see how that leads me. I’m definitely learning alot more regarding the router/networking side of things than my previous experience with operating-system oriented knowledge. You’d never believe all the stuff that goes on in the background just to keep your internet working!

On to the purpose of this post… I’ve felt a creativity urge rising up lately and it’ll drive me insane if I don’t get around to dealing with it. So sometime soon(upcoming months) I plan to release a new maplestory Night Lord video of Whytebar – it’s been over a year since my last NL video and now that I’m 18x and Time Temple is out, there’s plenty of new stuff to show. I feel very uncomfortable making a video when my character is ugly – and Whytebar needs some NX so until I can get some then the video probably won’t happen. I’m also in the process of trying to find music that ignites the fire that I so desperately need to complete a good video – if you have any suggestions feel free to drop a line and let me know. If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you would know I tend to lean more towards techno/electro music for my Night Lord and other styles of music for different themes and characters.

Anyways, back to homework for me – if I still have any dedicated readers I really do appreciate your input and I plan to release an equipment page soon for those of you that have been asking.

Find some joy,



Hey guys, I’ve picked up playing again. Right after Pirates came out I made a brawler(Darrrkning), and some guild mates were killing Anegos for some friends and I so that we could leech our ways through the levels as fast as possible. About 5 days later I hit level 70, and in the few weeks after that we had several 2x events and finally hit 108 where I stopped playing it(nothing special, I just got bored).

Here’s the 3rd job advancement video:

After that I tried out a gunslinger(Whyplash) and that’s been more fun but I still lost interest in MS after a while until a few weeks ago where I got back into it again. I’m training the Gunner again, and it’s level 104 as of now. With the upcoming 36 hour 2x Event for the Maple Anniversary I’m going to try and get to at least 110. However due to it happening on Mother’s Day I’m not too sure I’ll get to play as much as I want since we’re driving down to visit family and since everyone in my family lives in the same town I’ll be visiting family all day Sunday so I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get to play. 2 hour drive home on Monday sooooooo w/e I’ll level as much as I can.Β  By the end of the month I want to be 120+ for sure. Depending on how I feel once I hit 120 I may try to get the Brawler to 120+ as well. Nexon released alot of cool balances for Brawlers to be stronger and more efficient(removed cooldowns on dragon strike and barrage).

3rd Job Gunslinger Advancement Video:

As far as the Night Lord….. training it is a pain but I may get some levels this month with the EXP per level reduction that they’ve done as part of an event this month. I went from needing 502m exp at 173 to needing 401m at 173. A little less than the exp required to level at 169. The other day I bought a 6 dex branch nose the other day, which helps me wear my Dragon Sleeve with Maple Warrior since I got the 10 attack Naricain pendant. My base dex is at 85 now and I’ll probably stick with that unless they come out with the 2nd and 3rd eggs for the horntail pendant. I’ll upload some pictures of my equips later. I still have a 4 attack 6 luk cape and 4 dex 2attack facestompers so I can grow in those areas, given Chaos Scrolls are down to about 90m in Windia so maybe once I make some more money I can try and upgrade.

As far as offline stuff goes I’m actually in my math class right now(break). I can’t remember if I mentioned in my last post but I started going to college at ITT-Tech in Charlotte, NC back in December 2008. So I have class 3 nights a week which is considered full-time for this school. Instead of semesters the schedule is split up into quarters and I have classes throughout the summer, with a 2 week break between this quarter(spring) and summer. Last class for this quarter is on the 22nd of May, 2 days before my 20th birthday and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

kk enough for now, I’ll be updating this more often from now on – as long as I remember to. Laters~