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Working Art of Value

I get it, I get it. Live like today is the only day you’ll ever live.

Except they leave out the part where living life as if you’re building something, as if you’re working towards a goal, isn’t part of the picture. Your life is a masterpiece, and proceeding with reckless abandon has it’s own sort of beauty to it, but it can only grow to a certain grandeur.

“Live every day knowing you’re making tomorrow greater” is a better motto. There’s so much more to life than the moment, and the rewards are so much more valuable when you put sweat and time into it. Grow to be a father, grow to be a mother. A mentor, a friend, a great architect, the inventor of new machines, all of these are aspirations that don’t fit into the “just do what you want right here right now” picture of things.

Living a is becoming a lost art in favor of “living it up” which is a temporary shadow of the beautiful art our lives can become with a little dedication.

Don’t always run off for the joy of the moment. Don’t be afraid to commit. Yes it’s scary, yes it’s unknown to you, but your family and friends want you and need you in community. They need you present for the long term, not just this second, not just this minute.

Love like you’ll be around to keep nurturing it. You’re too valuable to go up in smoke at the end of 24 hours.

You’re just too valuable.


One day.

One day, one day. My pen will meet paper like an unsung song.

These very words I cannot wait to express, who so unfathomably quiver inside of my chest.

They want to get out, they want to run free.

Maybe one day you’ll get to know me.