Big Bang is…. so amazing.


I can’t even play on my main account where all of my equipment is. I’ll be around on my Gunslinger’s account in the meantime, probably playing on Whyplash or some other misc character in that account. With all the bugs and glitches going on right now idk if I’ll even be able to enjoy the game. Most characters are missing multiple SP points(which I haven’t counted and haven’t had time to investigate my gunner to see how much it has or doesn’t have. I think it had 20 spare SP at level 130 when I logged on – I put 10 straight into crit to max that and I guess the rest will be going into Lucky Dice. We’ll see when I have some time to investigate.

I guess I don’t need to mention how long it’s been since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy lately – Graduating college(well, graduations are on the 16th – my final class was a few weeks ago though), and I’ve gotten a full time job as an IT Support Analyst. Making money is fun and my job is awesome so I’m quite enjoying life right now. It becomes crystal clear to me why the rest of the world revolves around the weekend though, as much as I love my job I really miss all the free time I used to have for playing games, watching movies, or hanging out with friends. I’m actually at work right now taking a short break – back to work ASAP though.

When I get home in a few hours (t-minus 1:15 till I get off work)I’ll probably play maple for a bit but like I mentioned before, with all the glitches going on right now I figure it might be better just to leave well enough alone until they sort out all the kinks. If logging on today will be any bit as hard as it was yesterday then it won’t be worth the half hour it takes for the server to let me log on(in my account that actually works).

In the past few months when I’ve actually gotten on Maple, I’ve managed to get my Dual Blade to 129. My Night Lord is still 184, and I believe it actually lost exp when Big Bang was implemented. To me that loss of exp is odd because of the curve, I had expected to gain quite a bit of exp. Oh well. I’m pretty out of touch with monster stats and locations right now too. I’ll probably do some exploring tonight if just to get accustomed to the new layout of things.

Back to work for me, I’ll try to update this when I get my main account fixed. I sent in a lengthy ticket – but if this is anything like back when all of my important equips got lost in a fire by Nexon and their rollback a few months ago, it’ll be 3-4 weeks before I even hear anything regarding the issue.

I also bought WoW a week or so ago when it was on some mad sale. I really don’t like the game but with more than half of my best friends from maple playing it now, and for 20$ total, it was an investment I couldn’t pass up. Even if I don’t have time to play it right now, in the future if I was ever interested I could have looked into playing but having had to pay at least 40$ more than I paid for the bargain I got it for. I’ve also gotten Call of Duty: Black Ops since it came out, and I would love to be spending my days playing that as well but ugh, busy-ness with work and people invading my weekends have severely restricted my playtime for anything.

I hate to be antisocial but I really want to completely turtle up sometime and not see anyone for a couple of days and just game my heart out.


Josh/Darkning/WhyteBar/(and temporarily Whyplash)

    • Emilio
    • December 14th, 2010

    Nice to see you back!
    Congrats on graduating college and getting a job. Must be hard working though, I plan on working next year during summer break then through out my senior year, but I dunno. Maybe a job and school might not work for me, but I’ll try.
    I have to say though, you really gotta get on maple. I’ve leveled from 75 to 90 in about a week. I was obsessed! I think when they fix the glitches(I experience “Cassandra glitch” which lags me like CRAZY if I get close to her) maple will be awesome and you can finally reach level 200!
    GL with life and work!

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