Galloperas are awesome

Title says it all. The past couple days I’ve been doing Galloperas and they are just awesome for experience.

Yesterday from 3-9 EST they had a 2x event that was supposed to be compensation for the Windian Rollback and stuff  (not that exp is what I cared about losing). So I set out about 1pm to find a gallo map and luckily got in with a party there which secured me a position in the map. I trained on 1x/2x buff(s) for an hour and at 2 I bought a 2x card because I knew I had to leave around or before 6(I’ll add that story later). Around the time of the event start, my partner left but another person joined me, another DB who was only a few levels lower than me and stuck with me for the next 3 hours. I hit level 98 (started at 87?)around 5:30 when I had to leave. Nice progress for me. 😀

I wound up being out with the family for several hours, didn’t get home until around 10:30 but when I did I got more itchings to train so I hit up galloperas and found another party that had a ring mule. I provided several 2x buffs in the FM and by 2am(after 3 hours of training) I hit level 105. At that point I was beat so I just logged off and watched some TV before I went to bed.

The progress with the character is going very smoothly, I’m still astonished at how fast training is these days in MapleStory. Might as well be easy mode with all the additions.

Another 2x is starting in 5 minutes for 2 hours, I’m gonna try and get a Hime map, galloperas would be devoured by now.

I’ll update you later. 🙂


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