Loss, DB, Chaos Horntail

Let me start this off by saying how disappointed Nexon I am. During the most recent Server Maintenance, Nexon managed to accidentally rollback certain characters(not accounts) in Windia. Unfortunately my Night Lord and my Dual Blade were affected. However, my storage that was populated with some of my best items, did not get rolled back. This means that as of Tuesday morning, my characters will sitting in towns with my equipment in the storage(19 attack gloves, 2 attack 4 dex facestompers, 9 dex 7 luk agent receiver earrings, and a 6 dex 45HP branch nose) – however, at the time of the server check late tuesday night, those pieces of equipment were on my NL while I was training. When they rolled back my characters, the storage did not reset but the characters did. So my NL and DB were reset to a time when they did not have the equipment, but the storage was not rolled back and was empty.

I don’t know how such a colossal mistake is made by a company with millions of customers, but Nexon managed to mess this one up. And all they’re doing about the problem is “compensation of 3k maple points”. I’m sorry, 3$ dollars can’t even scratch the value of the equipment I lost. And so because of this situation I’m out  of 19 dex and 21 attack.

My friend Alex(Kayako) let me borrow some of his stuff to tie me over until I can recover so that has been helping out quite a bit. He’s not playing maple anymore due to similar complaints with Nexon as a company, and so he went to play WoW and has been actively evangelizing that game to me every time we talk. haha

So with his gear, and the remaining pieces of my own equipment I still have, I set off to train my Dual Blade for 4 hours last night. I started at 71, and after the first hour and a half of 4x, I had already hit level 76. It was a pace I didn’t expect, and that’s always a good thing while training(if its faster than expected). Since it was already quite late(2am+), I decided to try out galloperas since that was the hot go-to place or characters my level and above. All the maps were still busy and full but I managed to find a 116 DK named DKJyaki that was soloing with a ring mule. I asked if he wanted to party because I had an HS mule and 4x buffs to supply, and he agreed. I have never before trained with a ring mule in the party, but oh my god. Getting +8k~ exp per gallopera that I killed just from the ring(because I was on 4x with HS) is absolutely insane! I quickly shot through the levels, hitting 87 by the time my 4 hour 2x card ran out. Fastest I’ve ever trained through those levels, period.

There’s a 6 hour 2x event in Windia today as part of the compensation package. I wish I wasn’t still at gallopera level because considering that I was affected by their mistake as much as anyone else, it’d be nice to actually find a map and train for the event.

I also finished that 3rd job advancement video – check it out!

Now, because of losing my gear and not having enough HP, I was unable to join 1st Gen as they went to fight Chaos Horntail on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Whats more important is that they succeeded in killing the boss. That’s right, 1st gen of Windia was successfully the first group in GMS to kill Chaos Horntail. And they managed to do it 2 nights in a row! Huge congratulations for the, its an extreme accomplishment and my only regret is that I was unable to share that success with them.

I think that’s all for now, it’s my Dad’s birthday so I need to go pick something up for him. I’m not sure what he wants, maybe I can go pick up a bunch of cool Blu-Ray movies. 🙂



    • Emilio
    • July 30th, 2010

    Good to know you got(sorta) compensation for the extremely fast leveling on your DB. I lost 1 level on my dual blade, but that was enough for me to go complain to nexon about the 3k maple points. They said they didn’t give out the 3k yet so I need to wait. D: Well, Hope you get to CHT with 1st gen sometime soon Whytebar.

    • Jyaki
    • August 4th, 2010

    LOL MapleStory is currently on server check so I Googled my characters IGN; “DKJyaki” xD

    Nice page you have here.

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