Chaos Zakum, Training, Hunting.

It’s been a busy weekend(on maple), fighting Chaos Zakum, training the Dual Blade, and hunting for upgrades on WhyteBar.

Chaos Zakum

To start things off, as of my last blog post, I had mentioned that I would post after going to Chaos Zakum. Well, we wound up going(and have been going every night since), but I just didn’t have time afterward to write up a blog post about the evening. The fight itself isn’t actually that hard. However, it is the most annoying fight I’ve ever experienced in MapleStory. Fortunately for us, the arms are the worst part, which we can take down in about 20-25 minutes. They seduce the first 5 people that come into the room, so we’ve been strategizing to have the Warriors and others with high HP be the first 5 to go in. After that there’s a dispel about every 10-20 seconds, and crazy skull and joystick curse to go with that. For those of you that don’t know, crazy skull is a buff that a monster can put on you to make all of your controls reverse(i.e left goes right, right goes left, you have to hold down to jump up), and joystick curse causes you to get poisoned for 1500 damage(at czak) every time you move. Combine all of these things together and you get a  disgusting pot of stress and button mashing. Our group is good, so our communication relaying all of this stuff works out pretty well and keeps (most) of us alive. The DrKs are spamming Hyper Body, the Bishops are spamming MG, and I’m spamming MW30 to equip my claw – haha.

After the Arms are dead, the bodies start over at being a piece of cake and steadily get worse throughout the fight. During First Body I think the only serious problem is Zombify, but don’t quote me on that. 2nd Body has Dispel and Zombify(and maybe Pot Lock), and 3rd Body has Pot Lock, Dispel, and Zombify. Pot Lock is a skill that prevents you from using any potions, and it has to be dispelled by a Bishop before you can use your healing potions. If it weren’t for Zombify, the bishops could just heal you, but unfortunately Zombify causes you to take damage and die every time your bishop heals. Check out my post on’s forums for some screenshots:


Training Descrypt

Training on the dual blade has been going quite well. Across Friday and Saturday I managed to push from 34 to 50(not that fast, but I’m not stressing too much). However, on Sunday, I really worked at it and managed to go from 51 to 70 across two 4 hour 2x cards(I know, its gross), and 2x family buffs throughout most of that.

I knew I wanted to avoid MP3 as much as possible on the weekend, so I tried out going over to Windraiders up in the Crimsonwood Keep. That turned out quite well, as I got to use a friend’s bishop as a door mule so that I didn’t have to travel the jump quest every time I needed to rebuff 2x or repot. Those maps aren’t as trafficked for the same reasons, so getting a map was easier.

I hit level 55 about an hour and a half into my 4 hour card, and had to deviate from training to go make the level 55 Advancement. The trip to Nath and back is always annoying, but it was worth it to get ahold of Flash Jump at such a low level. After FJ I’ll be saving my points to throw them into my skills at 3rd Job+ advancement. That’s another nice thing about Dual Blades, they can save points across certain job advances. It really helps out with maxing important skills as soon as they’re available to you.

I stayed at Windraiders till about 61-ish and then tested out StormBreakers, which I timed exp and they turned out to be faster, and the map had less ‘visitors’ than even windraiders. I stayed there all the way to 70, where my DB is currently sitting. I didn’t have any rep mules left available for yesterday(used em all training after 3am on Sunday night). So I took yesterday to reset all that stuff, and I kinda wanted to train tonight but I guess the Server Maintenance will interfere with that.

I wish uploading pictures was as quick as it used to be on WordPress, it takes me like 30 seconds per picture to get them all set with the right size and everything, I’d totally be posting more of them if it wasn’t such a slow process. However, any of you who are interested can go over to my Xfire profile and check out my pictures over there, the URL is .

Whee! Bloody Storm does Backflips!


Hunting on WhyteBar

After Chaos Zakum last night, I headed down to Squids on 2x drop to look for some earrings/new pirate top and bottom. I stayed there about an hour or so but I didn’t have any luck with relevant equipment, I found a few potential items that pertained to other classes but even those weren’t very good. We’re supposed to have a Chaos Horntail Run tomorrow sometime but I don’t think I’m giong to be allowed in because all the ranged are going to be required to have 7.5k base HP, which is about 1100 more than I currently have. I believe tonight I should be getting a Chaos Zakum helm, so the added 10% HP will be nice but I’m going to need to get some other equipment to make up the difference. Just the Chaos Zakum helm alone should net me up to around 7k, but the lack of dex from my regular zakum helm might have me wearing a Horntail Pendant, which would set me back about 300 HP. We’ll see how that goes. WhyteBar(D4rkn1ng) is still my baby but with all these new characters coming out all the time I find it so hard to ignore those and just train to 200. The Dual Blade seems to be alot of fun, we’ll see how it goes when I get past 120. I thought I’d be training my Aran past 120, but he’s still chillin like a villain.

I’ve got class tonight, so that means homework now. Since I won’t be playing Maple after 1am tonight, I might try to drop some time on BattleField: Bad Company 2 or Alien Swarm(a new free game on Steam). A friend of mine from college plays both of those so getting in some gaming time with him would be fun. Stay posted, I’ll be uploading a video of my DB’s 3rd Job Advancement sometime soon.



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