Descrypt – Dual Blader

Well I guess I didn’t get a chance to do much yesterday. I had work, class, and distractions. 🙂

I finally made the Dual Blade Character after their unscheduled maintance on Wendesday. It wound up ending around 10pm EST and I was on my way home from class so I didn’t miss much at all. They fixed almost all of the problems with the game(not sure if they removed the duped items), and Dual Blades have been running smoothly.

Back on topic – my new Dual Blade character’s IGN is Descrypt(something I learned recently isn’t even a word[even if the y was an i]. So I think it’s ok. 🙂 the original root I was going for was Indescript, which means something vague or not described or defined. Removing the “In” would imply that there is a clarity or definition to something, which, even though it isn’t not a real word, seems to suit what I was going for.

Many Maplers have been doing the free level 30 Dual Blade event, but I wanted this character to have been all mine, nothing skipped, nothing passed. I found out later that that was the smart choice anyways because every DB character started from the free level 30 thing has about 500HP less, which is a big flippin’ deal for a class that has so little HP(similar to bandits and assassins). Just playing casually for about 3-4 hours (on 1x) I managed to get to level 27 before it got too late and I crashed. The morning after(yesterday), I resumed at 27, and pushed on through to level 30 and eventually up to 34 by the end of the day. I’m still sitting at 34, haven’t started training or even playing today – I wish I could have but I had some work and other responsibilities to take care of.

It’s 8:47Pm and we may or may not have bossing tonight at 10pm so I’m unsure about whether or not I should buy a 2x 4hour card and start grinding. I’d love to, but it may not be wise to waste a good 2 hours of it if our bossing group decides to go fight Chaos Zakum or (regular) Horntail. They went last night and managed to kill Chaos Zak in about 45 mins, and they killed him twice. I was late coming home from class and dealing with work stuff so I didn’t get to go but if they decide to go again tonight I’ll try to hop on that train.

My only concern with my Dual Blade is wondering if I messed up the mask quest. I was supposed to have gotten a free mask at level 20 but I never saw or heard of that quest, so I didn’t get a mask at 20 or 30(so far). I’m beginning to get worried about missing some important quest that I can no longer unlock. If I wind up training to level 40 and I still don’t get one, I’ll have to remake the character.

That’s about all for now, I’ll update you guys later. Here’s a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

That’s all for now, I’ll post some more later maybe(especially if I go to Chaos Zak).


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