Global MapleStory Patch v0.88

The patch is up! If only my enthusiasm lasted longer than that statement.

Once again Nexon America’s lack of a test server just blows issues madly out of proporition. They had previous announced that the game would be up at 2:30pm EST – and managed to reduce that time by almost 2 hours by releasing around 12:45pm EST, however, apparently early isn’t better than a delay. They have completely managed to re-implement duping of items via the characters that have been HellBanned(a new type of ban that blocks a user from trading, being on ranks, or otherwise moving any items on or off of their account). This newest patch has allowed the previously hellbanned characters(at least most of them) access to trading again, however, all of their skill points from all jobs have been refunded back into the pool and none of the skills have any mastery that will allow you to put the points back in. Back on topic, not only did those hellbanned characters lose all their mesos and skills, but nexon rolls back the character every time they relog. This allows a hellbanned character with good equipment to trade it off to another character, relog, have the equipment, and rinse repeat until they have as many of the item on another character as possible.

Several other issues were made apparent after the patch was upped such as:

  • The inability to use any item that you sent through storage(it says it didn’t have enough durability to be equipped)
  • Dual Blade characters being banned randomly for no reason.
  • No free character slot, as Nexon had advertised.
  • Deletion of characters is not functioning properly.
  • NX Cash not appearing in the Cash Shop.

The bolded items have been announced to be corrected during a 4 hour unscheduled server maintenance from 5:00pm EST(now) to 9:00pm EST.

My dilemna is that I already clicked delete on one of my old characters that I would prefer to keep – now that I know we’re getting a free slot. However, I’m not sure if my delete will finally have gone through during the new server maintenance or not (last time I checked after clicking delete, nothing happened to the character).

I’ve got class in just a little bit, gotta dress formally for a mock-interview so it’s going to take me a bit longer than usual to get ready.

I’ll post later when I get a chance to play a bit! I believe I will be calling my new Dual Blade character “Catene(Chains in Italian)” or “Traverso(‘Transverse’ or ‘Across’ in Italian)”. If anybody reads this in the meantime let me know what you think!


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