Ohi/Night Lord Supremacy[VIDEO]

Hah, I’m a total liar when it comes to how often I say I’m going to post. With that in mind, Maplestory is about to go through some cool changes that I would love to document on my blog… if I can remember to post. The patch is on Wednesday, July 21st, from 1am EST until 2:30pm EST.

The Potential Item system is coming out in Global Maplestory, which will be throwing all currently ‘strong’ equipment out of the window and filling the economy with things that will make player-damage absurd. %-based increases to stats, def, HP/MP, weapon attack, and mini-buffs like self-haste, self-sharpeyes and self-hyperbody, and some others will be granted via items now. Nexon has more info on their site regarding how it works – the system would overwhelm this post if I tried to explain it.

On top of that, Dual Blades are being released. Originally this was the highlight and primary caption for this patch, but I think Nexon America has underviewed how important adding the Potential System is, and how it will ultimately overshadow everything else they release with this patch.

Back on topic, Dual Blades. I’ve wanted one since I first heard about them in KMST – I’ve loved them ever since I saw how much fun they appear to be, and I’ve needed one ever since I heard they could do HELLS ROLLING(minor reference to anyone that played Megaman Battle Network and fought Bass.EXE) – also known as Flying Assualter in-game. I believe once I create a Dual Blade that I will have reason to continue regularly updating my blog as I play and train. Unfortunately, my college doesn’t believe in summer breaks so I’m still having classes year-round and my playtime and game-focus will not be nearly as high as it was in the past – but sigh, such is life.

Oh also they’re releasing Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail with this patch. Both of them do some pretty absurd stuff and I don’t believe it would have been easy to kill either of them for quite a while without the release of the Potential System. But considering we’re going to be gaining an extreme amount of strength because of it, destroying CZak should be pretty easy. Not sure about Chaos Horntail, I hear it does some pretty absurd and if I can’t get a good 3k+ more HP after HB I won’t even be able to survive the fight. I’ve finally managed to break 10k HP(6.1~k w/o HB) on my NL with Hyper Body, which is quite a nice feat, but it’s still never enough.

On other notes, I finally finished that video I kept talking about. And so I present to you, Night Lord Supremacy.

I’ve got a mid-term tonight, I need to get back to studying. Just thought I’d let those of you faithful few who still check this blog a little about whats coming up.



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