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Galloperas are awesome

Title says it all. The past couple days I’ve been doing Galloperas and they are just awesome for experience.

Yesterday from 3-9 EST they had a 2x event that was supposed to be compensation for the Windian Rollback and stuffย  (not that exp is what I cared about losing). So I set out about 1pm to find a gallo map and luckily got in with a party there which secured me a position in the map. I trained on 1x/2x buff(s) for an hour and at 2 I bought a 2x card because I knew I had to leave around or before 6(I’ll add that story later). Around the time of the event start, my partner left but another person joined me, another DB who was only a few levels lower than me and stuck with me for the next 3 hours. I hit level 98 (started at 87?)around 5:30 when I had to leave. Nice progress for me. ๐Ÿ˜€

I wound up being out with the family for several hours, didn’t get home until around 10:30 but when I did I got more itchings to train so I hit up galloperas and found another party that had a ring mule. I provided several 2x buffs in the FM and by 2am(after 3 hours of training) I hit level 105. At that point I was beat so I just logged off and watched some TV before I went to bed.

The progress with the character is going very smoothly, I’m still astonished at how fast training is these days in MapleStory. Might as well be easy mode with all the additions.

Another 2x is starting in 5 minutes for 2 hours, I’m gonna try and get a Hime map, galloperas would be devoured by now.

I’ll update you later. ๐Ÿ™‚



Loss, DB, Chaos Horntail

Let me start this off by saying how disappointed Nexon I am. During the most recent Server Maintenance, Nexon managed to accidentally rollback certain characters(not accounts) in Windia. Unfortunately my Night Lord and my Dual Blade were affected. However, my storage that was populated with some of my best items, did not get rolled back. This means that as of Tuesday morning, my characters will sitting in towns with my equipment in the storage(19 attack gloves, 2 attack 4 dex facestompers, 9 dex 7 luk agent receiver earrings, and a 6 dex 45HP branch nose) – however, at the time of the server check late tuesday night, those pieces of equipment were on my NL while I was training. When they rolled back my characters, the storage did not reset but the characters did. So my NL and DB were reset to a time when they did not have the equipment, but the storage was not rolled back and was empty.

I don’t know how such a colossal mistake is made by a company with millions of customers, but Nexon managed to mess this one up. And all they’re doing about the problem is “compensation of 3k maple points”. I’m sorry, 3$ dollars can’t even scratch the value of the equipment I lost. And so because of this situation I’m outย  of 19 dex and 21 attack.

My friend Alex(Kayako) let me borrow some of his stuff to tie me over until I can recover so that has been helping out quite a bit. He’s not playing maple anymore due to similar complaints with Nexon as a company, and so he went to play WoW and has been actively evangelizing that game to me every time we talk. haha

So with his gear, and the remaining pieces of my own equipment I still have, I set off to train my Dual Blade for 4 hours last night. I started at 71, and after the first hour and a half of 4x, I had already hit level 76. It was a pace I didn’t expect, and that’s always a good thing while training(if its faster than expected). Since it was already quite late(2am+), I decided to try out galloperas since that was the hot go-to place or characters my level and above. All the maps were still busy and full but I managed to find a 116 DK named DKJyaki that was soloing with a ring mule. I asked if he wanted to party because I had an HS mule and 4x buffs to supply, and he agreed. I have never before trained with a ring mule in the party, but oh my god. Getting +8k~ exp per gallopera that I killed just from the ring(because I was on 4x with HS) is absolutely insane! I quickly shot through the levels, hitting 87 by the time my 4 hour 2x card ran out. Fastest I’ve ever trained through those levels, period.

There’s a 6 hour 2x event in Windia today as part of the compensation package. I wish I wasn’t still at gallopera level because considering that I was affected by their mistake as much as anyone else, it’d be nice to actually find a map and train for the event.

I also finished that 3rd job advancement video – check it out!

Now, because of losing my gear and not having enough HP, I was unable to join 1st Gen as they went to fight Chaos Horntail on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Whats more important is that they succeeded in killing the boss. That’s right, 1st gen of Windia was successfully the first group in GMS to kill Chaos Horntail. And they managed to do it 2 nights in a row! Huge congratulations for the, its an extreme accomplishment and my only regret is that I was unable to share that success with them.

I think that’s all for now, it’s my Dad’s birthday so I need to go pick something up for him. I’m not sure what he wants, maybe I can go pick up a bunch of cool Blu-Ray movies. ๐Ÿ™‚



Chaos Zakum, Training, Hunting.

It’s been a busy weekend(on maple), fighting Chaos Zakum, training the Dual Blade, and hunting for upgrades on WhyteBar.

Chaos Zakum

To start things off, as of my last blog post, I had mentioned that I would post after going to Chaos Zakum. Well, we wound up going(and have been going every night since), but I just didn’t have time afterward to write up a blog post about the evening. The fight itself isn’t actually that hard. However, it is the most annoying fight I’ve ever experienced in MapleStory. Fortunately for us, the arms are the worst part, which we can take down in about 20-25 minutes. They seduce the first 5 people that come into the room, so we’ve been strategizing to have the Warriors and others with high HP be the first 5 to go in. After that there’s a dispel about every 10-20 seconds, and crazy skull and joystick curse to go with that. For those of you that don’t know, crazy skull is a buff that a monster can put on you to make all of your controls reverse(i.e left goes right, right goes left, you have to hold down to jump up), and joystick curse causes you to get poisoned for 1500 damage(at czak) every time you move. Combine all of these things together and you get aย  disgusting pot of stress and button mashing. Our group is good, so our communication relaying all of this stuff works out pretty well and keeps (most) of us alive. The DrKs are spamming Hyper Body, the Bishops are spamming MG, and I’m spamming MW30 to equip my claw – haha.

After the Arms are dead, the bodies start over at being a piece of cake and steadily get worse throughout the fight. During First Body I think the only serious problem is Zombify, but don’t quote me on that. 2nd Body has Dispel and Zombify(and maybe Pot Lock), and 3rd Body has Pot Lock, Dispel, and Zombify. Pot Lock is a skill that prevents you from using any potions, and it has to be dispelled by a Bishop before you can use your healing potions. If it weren’t for Zombify, the bishops could just heal you, but unfortunately Zombify causes you to take damage and die every time your bishop heals. Check out my post on’s forums for some screenshots:


Training Descrypt

Training on the dual blade has been going quite well. Across Friday and Saturday I managed to push from 34 to 50(not that fast, but I’m not stressing too much). However, on Sunday, I really worked at it and managed to go from 51 to 70 across two 4 hour 2x cards(I know, its gross), and 2x family buffs throughout most of that.

I knew I wanted to avoid MP3 as much as possible on the weekend, so I tried out going over to Windraiders up in the Crimsonwood Keep. That turned out quite well, as I got to use a friend’s bishop as a door mule so that I didn’t have to travel the jump quest every time I needed to rebuff 2x or repot. Those maps aren’t as trafficked for the same reasons, so getting a map was easier.

I hit level 55 about an hour and a half into my 4 hour card, and had to deviate from training to go make the level 55 Advancement. The trip to Nath and back is always annoying, but it was worth it to get ahold of Flash Jump at such a low level. After FJ I’ll be saving my points to throw them into my skills at 3rd Job+ advancement. That’s another nice thing about Dual Blades, they can save points across certain job advances. It really helps out with maxing important skills as soon as they’re available to you.

I stayed at Windraiders till about 61-ish and then tested out StormBreakers, which I timed exp and they turned out to be faster, and the map had less ‘visitors’ than even windraiders. I stayed there all the way to 70, where my DB is currently sitting. I didn’t have any rep mules left available for yesterday(used em all training after 3am on Sunday night). So I took yesterday to reset all that stuff, and I kinda wanted to train tonight but I guess the Server Maintenance will interfere with that.

I wish uploading pictures was as quick as it used to be on WordPress, it takes me like 30 seconds per picture to get them all set with the right size and everything, I’d totally be posting more of them if it wasn’t such a slow process. However, any of you who are interested can go over to my Xfire profile and check out my pictures over there, the URL is .

Whee! Bloody Storm does Backflips!


Hunting on WhyteBar

After Chaos Zakum last night, I headed down to Squids on 2x drop to look for some earrings/new pirate top and bottom. I stayed there about an hour or so but I didn’t have any luck with relevant equipment, I found a few potential items that pertained to other classes but even those weren’t very good. We’re supposed to have a Chaos Horntail Run tomorrow sometime but I don’t think I’m giong to be allowed in because all the ranged are going to be required to have 7.5k base HP, which is about 1100 more than I currently have. I believe tonight I should be getting a Chaos Zakum helm, so the added 10% HP will be nice but I’m going to need to get some other equipment to make up the difference. Just the Chaos Zakum helm alone should net me up to around 7k, but the lack of dex from my regular zakum helm might have me wearing a Horntail Pendant, which would set me back about 300 HP. We’ll see how that goes. WhyteBar(D4rkn1ng) is still my baby but with all these new characters coming out all the time I find it so hard to ignore those and just train to 200. The Dual Blade seems to be alot of fun, we’ll see how it goes when I get past 120. I thought I’d be training my Aran past 120, but he’s still chillin like a villain.

I’ve got class tonight, so that means homework now. Since I won’t be playing Maple after 1am tonight, I might try to drop some time on BattleField: Bad Company 2 or Alien Swarm(a new free game on Steam). A friend of mine from college plays both of those so getting in some gaming time with him would be fun. Stay posted, I’ll be uploading a video of my DB’s 3rd Job Advancement sometime soon.



Descrypt – Dual Blader

Well I guess I didn’t get a chance to do much yesterday. I had work, class, and distractions. ๐Ÿ™‚

I finally made the Dual Blade Character after their unscheduled maintance on Wendesday. It wound up ending around 10pm EST and I was on my way home from class so I didn’t miss much at all. They fixed almost all of the problems with the game(not sure if they removed the duped items), and Dual Blades have been running smoothly.

Back on topic – my new Dual Blade character’s IGN is Descrypt(something I learned recently isn’t even a word[even if the y was an i]. So I think it’s ok. ๐Ÿ™‚ the original root I was going for was Indescript, which means something vague or not described or defined. Removing the “In” would imply that there is a clarity or definition to something, which, even though it isn’t not a real word, seems to suit what I was going for.

Many Maplers have been doing the free level 30 Dual Blade event, but I wanted this character to have been all mine, nothing skipped, nothing passed. I found out later that that was the smart choice anyways because every DB character started from the free level 30 thing has about 500HP less, which is a big flippin’ deal for a class that has so little HP(similar to bandits and assassins). Just playing casually for about 3-4 hours (on 1x) I managed to get to level 27 before it got too late and I crashed. The morning after(yesterday), I resumed at 27, and pushed on through to level 30 and eventually up to 34 by the end of the day. I’m still sitting at 34, haven’t started training or even playing today – I wish I could have but I had some work and other responsibilities to take care of.

It’s 8:47Pm and we may or may not have bossing tonight at 10pm so I’m unsure about whether or not I should buy a 2x 4hour card and start grinding. I’d love to, but it may not be wise to waste a good 2 hours of it if our bossing group decides to go fight Chaos Zakum or (regular) Horntail. They went last night and managed to kill Chaos Zak in about 45 mins, and they killed him twice. I was late coming home from class and dealing with work stuff so I didn’t get to go but if they decide to go again tonight I’ll try to hop on that train.

My only concern with my Dual Blade is wondering if I messed up the mask quest. I was supposed to have gotten a free mask at level 20 but I never saw or heard of that quest, so I didn’t get a mask at 20 or 30(so far). I’m beginning to get worried about missing some important quest that I can no longer unlock. If I wind up training to level 40 and I still don’t get one, I’ll have to remake the character.

That’s about all for now, I’ll update you guys later. Here’s a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for now, I’ll post some more later maybe(especially if I go to Chaos Zak).


Global MapleStory Patch v0.88

The patch is up! If only my enthusiasm lasted longer than that statement.

Once again Nexon America’s lack of a test server just blows issues madly out of proporition. They had previous announced that the game would be up at 2:30pm EST – and managed to reduce that time by almost 2 hours by releasing around 12:45pm EST, however, apparently early isn’t better than a delay. They have completely managed to re-implement duping of items via the characters that have been HellBanned(a new type of ban that blocks a user from trading, being on ranks, or otherwise moving any items on or off of their account). This newest patch has allowed the previously hellbanned characters(at least most of them) access to trading again, however, all of their skill points from all jobs have been refunded back into the pool and none of the skills have any mastery that will allow you to put the points back in. Back on topic, not only did those hellbanned characters lose all their mesos and skills, but nexon rolls back the character every time they relog. This allows a hellbanned character with good equipment to trade it off to another character, relog, have the equipment, and rinse repeat until they have as many of the item on another character as possible.

Several other issues were made apparent after the patch was upped such as:

  • The inability to use any item that you sent through storage(it says it didn’t have enough durability to be equipped)
  • Dual Blade characters being banned randomly for no reason.
  • No free character slot, as Nexon had advertised.
  • Deletion of characters is not functioning properly.
  • NX Cash not appearing in the Cash Shop.

The bolded items have been announced to be corrected during a 4 hour unscheduled server maintenance from 5:00pm EST(now) to 9:00pm EST.

My dilemna is that I already clicked delete on one of my old characters that I would prefer to keep – now that I know we’re getting a free slot. However, I’m not sure if my delete will finally have gone through during the new server maintenance or not (last time I checked after clicking delete, nothing happened to the character).

I’ve got class in just a little bit, gotta dress formally for a mock-interview so it’s going to take me a bit longer than usual to get ready.

I’ll post later when I get a chance to play a bit! I believe I will be calling my new Dual Blade character “Catene(Chains in Italian)” or “Traverso(‘Transverse’ or ‘Across’ in Italian)”. If anybody reads this in the meantime let me know what you think!


Ohi/Night Lord Supremacy[VIDEO]

Hah, I’m a total liar when it comes to how often I say I’m going to post. With that in mind, Maplestory is about to go through some cool changes that I would love to document on my blog… if I can remember to post. The patch is on Wednesday, July 21st, from 1am EST until 2:30pm EST.

The Potential Item system is coming out in Global Maplestory, which will be throwing all currently ‘strong’ equipment out of the window and filling the economy with things that will make player-damage absurd. %-based increases to stats, def, HP/MP, weapon attack, and mini-buffs like self-haste, self-sharpeyes and self-hyperbody, and some others will be granted via items now. Nexon has more info on their site regarding how it works – the system would overwhelm this post if I tried to explain it.

On top of that, Dual Blades are being released. Originally this was the highlight and primary caption for this patch, but I think Nexon America has underviewed how important adding the Potential System is, and how it will ultimately overshadow everything else they release with this patch.

Back on topic, Dual Blades. I’ve wanted one since I first heard about them in KMST – I’ve loved them ever since I saw how much fun they appear to be, and I’ve needed one ever since I heard they could do HELLS ROLLING(minor reference to anyone that played Megaman Battle Network and fought Bass.EXE) – also known as Flying Assualter in-game. I believe once I create a Dual Blade that I will have reason to continue regularly updating my blog as I play and train. Unfortunately, my college doesn’t believe in summer breaks so I’m still having classes year-round and my playtime and game-focus will not be nearly as high as it was in the past – but sigh, such is life.

Oh also they’re releasing Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail with this patch. Both of them do some pretty absurd stuff and I don’t believe it would have been easy to kill either of them for quite a while without the release of the Potential System. But considering we’re going to be gaining an extreme amount of strength because of it, destroying CZak should be pretty easy. Not sure about Chaos Horntail, I hear it does some pretty absurd and if I can’t get a good 3k+ more HP after HB I won’t even be able to survive the fight. I’ve finally managed to break 10k HP(6.1~k w/o HB) on my NL with Hyper Body, which is quite a nice feat, but it’s still never enough.

On other notes, I finally finished that video I kept talking about. And so I present to you, Night Lord Supremacy.

I’ve got a mid-term tonight, I need to get back to studying. Just thought I’d let those of you faithful few who still check this blog a little about whats coming up.