I guess by now you’ve realized that you can’t trust my “I’ll post on this more often” statements. So completely disregard them if I ever say that again. My devotion of time to MapleStory is much like the growth of grass in a dry season – I grow when it rains but without rain I’m lifeless. Unless Nexon actively fuels my reason to play, I tend to prioritize all of the important things in life like school, work, and friends.

College is going well, I’m into my 5th quarter and my 1st year is finished. I get my associates degree in Computer Networking this December(2010), so we’ll see how that leads me. I’m definitely learning alot more regarding the router/networking side of things than my previous experience with operating-system oriented knowledge. You’d never believe all the stuff that goes on in the background just to keep your internet working!

On to the purpose of this post… I’ve felt a creativity urge rising up lately and it’ll drive me insane if I don’t get around to dealing with it. So sometime soon(upcoming months) I plan to release a new maplestory Night Lord video of Whytebar – it’s been over a year since my last NL video and now that I’m 18x and Time Temple is out, there’s plenty of new stuff to show. I feel very uncomfortable making a video when my character is ugly – and Whytebar needs some NX so until I can get some then the video probably won’t happen. I’m also in the process of trying to find music that ignites the fire that I so desperately need to complete a good video – if you have any suggestions feel free to drop a line and let me know. If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you would know I tend to lean more towards techno/electro music for my Night Lord and other styles of music for different themes and characters.

Anyways, back to homework for me – if I still have any dedicated readers I really do appreciate your input and I plan to release an equipment page soon for those of you that have been asking.

Find some joy,


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