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Glitches, Damages, and Other Craziness

Hey guys,

This is probably the quickest consecutive post I’ve made on here in ages. Just to start things off, I’m rendering a new test video that will determine the quality of my new videos from this point on out. I’m attempting a 720p 60hz video render – if youtube won’t hurt the quality on that then I believe things should be very smooth.

On other notes, a patch forĀ  GMS(Global Maplestory) was released about a week ago – and with it came the Pyramid Party Quest. You can either enter alone or with a party, and the objective is to kill as many monsters as you can and progress through the stages while keeping your attack bar up(if it goes down from not attacking, or you miss too much, you lose). However, the main perk to this party quest is that after you get either 250, 500, 1000, or 2000 kills, you get a damage buff that goes up incrementally with each level. 100% damage boost for 250 kills, 200% boost for 500 kills, 300% for 1000, and finally 400% boost for 2000 kills. Under normal circumstances, the buff should be removed when you click out of or leave the PQ. As usual though, Nexon messed something up and you WERE able to leave the map with the buff, thus wreaking insane havoc upon any monster that you attack with SUPER DAMAGE. Check down below to see a screenshot. Take note that I’m using the 200% buff, and the damage is already insane.

It actually affects Shadow Partner insanely and makes its own damage go up much higher than it should be. i.e. instead of 50% of my regular damage, SP does 50% + 200% of my regular damage = 250% damage.

So, because this amazing damage was here, 1st Gen decided to try some bossing and see how crazy/fast it would be with this kind of damage.

First we went to Grandpa Boss – I had never actually gone and survived a run in the past, but we decimated him in less than 15 minutes. Proof:

Shortly after that we went to Horntail, first run everything went smoothly, with only 2 disconnections. We definitely broke our record with a 13 minute run. Yeah, you heard me, 13 minutes to kill 2b(all of Horntail’s collective HP) damage. Second run I wanted to record the run, but unfortunately as soon as I started recording my Maple froze and I was disconnected. I reformatted my computer only a few days ago and I guess I hadn’t worked out all of the kinks.

Surprisingly Nexon repaired the glitch of being able to exit the PQ with the buff in the server check yesterday. Generally they let rampant bugs and glitches go on for way too long – and things just get disgustingly out of hand. The glitch/bug whatever thing was fun while it lasted but it would destroy the economy and the ultimate sense of fun if it remained.

I’ve come full circle and now the video is finished rendering, I’m going to upload it to my youtube page at now for those of you who are interested in checking it out – It’s not my NL, just a noob Aran I have on my Gunslingers account.

Gonna start the upload and head to the gym, been a while since I’ve gone and I feel out of shape so its time to repair the problem. Hopefully I can keep it up and not be lazy about going on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading,




I guess by now you’ve realized that you can’t trust my “I’ll post on this more often” statements. So completely disregard them if I ever say that again. My devotion of time to MapleStory is much like the growth of grass in a dry season – I grow when it rains but without rain I’m lifeless. Unless Nexon actively fuels my reason to play, I tend to prioritize all of the important things in life like school, work, and friends.

College is going well, I’m into my 5th quarter and my 1st year is finished. I get my associates degree in Computer Networking this December(2010), so we’ll see how that leads me. I’m definitely learning alot more regarding the router/networking side of things than my previous experience with operating-system oriented knowledge. You’d never believe all the stuff that goes on in the background just to keep your internet working!

On to the purpose of this post… I’ve felt a creativity urge rising up lately and it’ll drive me insane if I don’t get around to dealing with it. So sometime soon(upcoming months) I plan to release a new maplestory Night Lord video of Whytebar – it’s been over a year since my last NL video and now that I’m 18x and Time Temple is out, there’s plenty of new stuff to show. I feel very uncomfortable making a video when my character is ugly – and Whytebar needs some NX so until I can get some then the video probably won’t happen. I’m also in the process of trying to find music that ignites the fire that I so desperately need to complete a good video – if you have any suggestions feel free to drop a line and let me know. If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you would know I tend to lean more towards techno/electro music for my Night Lord and other styles of music for different themes and characters.

Anyways, back to homework for me – if I still have any dedicated readers I really do appreciate your input and I plan to release an equipment page soon for those of you that have been asking.

Find some joy,