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Name Change, Night Lord Madness

Hey guys, been quiiiiiite a while. Pretty much lost most of my interest with ms for a while, and I’m barely on for bossing now. However, I did name change a few weeks ago in an attempt to spike my interest again… didn’t work so well. I’m still happy with the name though. I changed from D4rkn1ng to WhyteBar. To boot with the name change, I made a new video last week in hope to spread out the word that I had name changed but I think theres still lots of people that don’t know my new ign.

I made a new claw a few weeks ago as well, right before the name change, it’s a 65 attack 9 luk purple dragon sleeve. 4 att, 6luk upgrade from my old Casters I made back when Leafre first came out. I haven’t been getting many claws from peter since I upgraded, but hopefully one of the next ones I get(whenever that is) will turn out better than this. Even though I made this 65, I’m still quite behind in the times given that most of the other night lords in our bossing group have close to 70+ attack or higher claws.

Here’s the video I mentioned, Night Lord Madness, my latest and probably not my greatest video. enjoy!

As for offline news, my best friend from Italy came to visit my family and I for a month or so, so he’ll be here till December 4th. I’ve been busy with him lately just showing him all the best parts of South Carolina and the Charlotte area(it’s his 1st time here since he was old enough to pay attention to stuff). I went hiking with the youth group at church the other day and up til then I thought I was getting in pretty good physical shape… guess again. 🙂 My calves have never hurt so bad as they did while hiking up that mountain.

I think thats about it for now, Pirates are coming out tomorrow or Wednesday on Maple, although I don’t think I’ll be playing one(at least not for a while), I’m looking forward to the new variety in classes. My dexless sin is up to 85 now, but I haven’t touched it in a few weeks. I should probably get onto that… hmm.

Till later,