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Overdue update!

Been a while since I’ve posted, I need to start blogging more often again to lessen the load. @_@

To start things off I’ll say the youth group that I go to at church on Thursday nights had a few of the guys go down to Lakeland, Florida(where theres apparently a huge revival going on), and they pretty much brought the revival back up here with them. XD It’s been awesome, and God’s doing some insane stuff at church, we’ve started having services every night, so I’ve been kinda busy with those…. Hence my recent disappearances around horntail/zakum time.

Maple-wise, I hit 163 last week sometime, amidst all the crazy stuff going on…. I figure 166 is a good goal level for now, at that point I’ll have max triple throw and maple hero.

I didn’t get selected for Tespia, as I had hoped. 😡 Figures they gotta pick (mostly) noobs that don’t know what they’re doing, and hold the alter and even PAP for Heaven’s sake. I heard that much from Retalion’s Blog. Maybe some of the people that got selected will be competent enough to solve the problems in the content.(Retal you’re in the clear I’m sure you’re doing a good job!)

On other notes, I got Triple Throw 30 the other night, and I got my Nine Spirit’s egg as well, which means +22 to all stats necklace and a crazy amount of extra def,mdef and avoid. Video below to summarize the process of upgrading.

I think thats about it, I’ll try to post more often to catch more of the little details. 😀