161, MTS, Horntail

So I hit 161, and with that am able to survive at horntail with my claw on after the tail and legs die. So far I’ve been on 3 runs this level, and survived and lived through each and every one, without even dying. Of course, the tail and leg part is supposed to be the most difficult part of the whole fight, and since I haven’t been taking part in it…. I guess surviving after that really isn’t much of an accomplishment but the fights are still cool as heck. xD

They actually require that you pay really close attention and listen to instructions, while zakum and pap and pianus require your attention and ability to obey as well, it’s nowhere near on the same level as Horntail… I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing about HT though once another big boss comes out.

Regarding the skills that concern me, and the pendant that drops from HT…. I’m in no rush really, there’s other people that need them more than I do and I’m totally fine with them getting the skills/pendants. Not that I don’t want them, I’d be lying to say I didn’t want TT30, MW20 or a necklace, and I’ll gladly accept them when it’s my turn to loot but until then theres no point whining or complaining about the issue.

For those of you that don’t know about the necklace/pendant that drops from Horntail, it’s a 7str, 7dex, 7int, 7luk(average), and lots of defense/avoid necklace that as 3 slots on it. The item you use to scroll the pendant is an egg that horntail only drops one of per fight. Each egg adds 15 to all stats, extra avoid and defense, and has a 100% success rate. In the end if you +3 your necklace(assuming you’re allowed to loot the eggs for 3 runs) you should have a 52/52/52/52 /xx avoid/xx acc xx def necklace… really one of the best if not the best equip in the game.

Also, with the most recent minipatch, they introduced the Maple Trade System(also known as MTS). It’s a type of cash shop/store place in the game that lets you buy or sell items with NX. Really useful for those people that can’t get access to NX for themselves, yet have tons of items worth selling. With that system, since the past few levels that I’ve been putting all of my AP into HP, I was able to purchase the AP Resets to wash the points out of MP and back into luk, so it’s saving me alot of money. When I’m done washing I’ll have used around 60k worth of NX, and that sure is something I would not want to have had to pay for with dollars and offline money. Kudos to Nexon for releasing such a good feature into the game. 🙂

It’s late, and I’m out, I’ll try to update more often, but we’ll see how that goes!

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