Horntail, 160, More Horntail

First off, I have new NX now!


It’s been 10 days since my last update, quite a bit has happened since then regarding Maple. To start off they had a patch about 2 days after my last post, and that solved all of the current hacking problems(nobody was seen hacking for a while, still haven’t seen PG hackers). In that patch they added a new party quest called Carnival PQ, Horntail, and they also resolved the bow/xbow mortal blow disconnection glitch*que cries of joy from all archers*. So the day after the patch came out some friends and I went to do the party quests, to get ready for our big group-run, and we just wound up fighting the prelim heads and getting to the ‘final form’… which was pretty amazing, we took out the 2 preliminary heads with 1 party that 30 people in other versions have gotten destroyed by. Here’s a video.

A few days after that we had our group run to HT, and we pretty much got destroyed by the seduce and other 9k foot attacks that we didn’t know how to avoid or get around….. it was a great experience, and I pretty much decided that even though I had ever bit of hp gear I could wear on(including shield and tube LOL), I still didn’t have enough HP to survive the 7.8k damages that the tail does, given I manage to avoid the 9k+ damage that the legs do. I won’t be going back to HT anytime soon, at least not till I can gain some more levels and pour all the ap points into HP, and upgrade the necklace that comes from the CPQ(Carnival), with HP scrolls(3slots).


On other notes, I leveled up to 160 today, and after pouring those ap points into HP, I finally have over 4k hp without equips on… pretty nice knowing I can fight pap without hyper body now and not need any HP equipment. It’s also pretty nice knowing I’m 2x the level of lv. 80 people. I hope I can hit like 163 or 164 asap so that I can start fighting Horntail with the group… that’ll be nice.

almost-160.png level-up-160.png


Also, the group killed Horntail tonight taking the spot of 2nd legit GMS server kill, and the first legit windian kill(by legit I mean not hacked, and yes hackers have gotten ahold of it already). Congratulations to them…. taking it down in 2 and a half hours on the 2nd corporal try ever is really nice. I wish I could’ve been there but I suppose it’s my own fault. I knew I should’ve hp washed a long time ago when I had the chance, and I still didn’t. Even more motivation to level for me, gogogogogo!

  1. Congrats to you on 160++ and jy for HT and everything else~

  2. Hello, I just stumbled onto your blog through Kevin’s and I will say Ive seen most if not all your videos. Congratz on 160 but I am curious. WHen you say you put points into hp, do you mean you literally put points into hp, or did you hp wash? Just curious. Regardless, congratz and good luck leveling and striving for your goal of being able to HT

    Ps. Dunno if you know him, but if you do, tell G4 I said hi ;O

  3. Sorry for the late response, been kinda busy lately. xP

    Umm technically it’s HP Washing, I just don’t have the money to AP reset yet, although the MTS is helping out tons with the resetting process. x)

  4. What’s up. Hey Jackk.

    I also finished all of Josh’s videos, and watch them again every once in a while.

    Stop eating paint chips Josh.

    *goes to write and then delete an article*


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