INVASION, 159, Pap run

k so like, Friday… umm, some idiot like decided to make the MISS/PG/SUCKMYBACK hack get out, and now it’s ruining the game, hardcore. Hackers everywhere, at skelogons, newties, cornians, dragon turtles EVERYWHERE in leafre you can think of, I hear ludi is invaded too…. Nexon had better do something quick, these tards are really starting to piss me off…. making like insane lag with all their cheats and whatnot…. not to mention they have no respect at all, several times I’ve actually managed to get in a party at skelogons on a map where the hackers weren’t already taking over, only for them to come into the map, and totally ignore us and start hacking. All without saying a word.
I’ve got so many screenshots of these hackers… I’d love to upload them but wordpress doesn’t have an option to upload 1k SS’s. It seems like half of the entire maple community in windia is hacking now…


Also amidst all the confusion with the hackers, I managed to level up to 159. 🙂 Woot woot one more till 160 bay bayyy! I managed to break into 72x base luk, too. Meaning I get an extra point of luk from maple warrior!



Also last night after Zakum I got together a few friends and we decided to see how fast we could kill Pap, so here’s the result… not bad at all for 1 party.

On other notes, I’m feeling anxious for no reason, and since I can’t play MS thanks to douchebags hacking, I think after I eat I’mma go to the skatepark for an hour or two… laters!

    • Krissy
    • March 17th, 2008

    Name tag but no monster. o.o Lag?

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