Horsey time attack

Hi guys. 🙂

New video, D4rkn1ng vs Headless Horseman Time attack. Enjoy!

Everything’s all normal with training and whatnot, slowly making my way to 159… Maybe tomorrow? I leveled my level 34 ice/lightning wizard earlier just by doing the crystal ilbi forging manual quest. xD 40k per, and I did it 11 times… went to level 37, so that was a nice. I still need 3 more crystal shards and 6 more Naricain jewels and then I can really start worrying about luk and dark crystals. The crystal ilbis aren’t rechargeable yet, so I forged the manuals, and I’m just going to keep those like that until they are. Once they are rechargeable I’d like to have a full 20 right off the bat. It’d be kinda pointless to sacrifice my ilbis now to make them only for a one-time use.

I just got Call of Duty 4, gonna go play that a bit, laters!

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