Been a few days since my last blog.. Since then I’ve leveled to 157, sold my Casters for 130m + a 53 att mamba. Made Crystal ilbis and Facestompers, and need to get 1 more dex to be able to wear my katinas with the FS equipped. They turned out 4dex btw.

Crystal ilbis are so rad(white, 29att), but they’re glitched right now and cannot be recharged. So I just have to wait till they patch to fix that, to continue using and making more of them. They probably cost me about 15-17m in production costs, ilbi not included in that.

On other notes I found out that a really good friend of mine that I’ve known for around 8 months or so, was pretending to be a girl the whole time and finally found out it was a dude yesterday. You really can’t ever know anyone on the internet. :X

Rawrrr I dunno what else I feel like saying right now, I’m off to play Crysis. 😀

loldeath.png  level-up-157.png

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