Level, wut?

Hit 156 today. x) Trained like 13% or so with my bishop friend Roo(rooboo32). I think I was making around 5% a hour or so with her so it was really nice given it was just us two and I was on 1x…. 10% an hour with 2x is pretty nice. x)



Right before I leveled a friend of mine(LordDrac0) asked if anybody needed something searched for in fm because he had an owl he wanted to get rid of, so I asked if he could look for a Ninja Storm 20 book. He found one for 7m so I bought it and it worked. =D


Also on the way from Zakum to Pap today I killed the two Gatekeepers and got an 83 att Dark Arund. 2 attack below average but I have a friend who’s been hunting them so I just mailed it to him for free. Maybe he’ll scroll it into something good. 🙂

maplestory-2008-02-11-23-41-35-71.png  maplestory-2008-02-11-23-53-08-34.png  maplestory-2008-02-12-00-00-00-31.png  maplestory-2008-02-12-00-00-17-09.png

    • SB
    • February 17th, 2008

    Omghai Josh.

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