Lately after the nightly Zakum and Pap, for the remainder of my 2x card I have been hunting at Dragon Turtles trying to find a Casters… tonight I got lucky and found what I wanted!


After I found it I scrolled back to town and got the two 30% Claw Attacks I had saved up from before the 4th job patch(they were cheaper then). And threw ’em both on… sadly they both failed, but no break so I ran off to the free market to buy some more scrolls. I figured I needed at least 3 30%’s to work to make it better than my 58 attack, so after searching fm a little I found some scrolls(a bit overpriced, but meh)…. and work….Work….WORK… so I had a 59 att 3luk 2 slot claw, and decided to 60% the rest because it was already 1 attack better than my old one… and for the price of those 5 scrolls… 1 weapon attack gained on my claw was so much cheaper than spending hundreds of millions on trying to upgrade my glove. So I played it safe and got 2 60%’s… first one failed but the second worked! So the end result is…..


I’m happy, a 3 attack, 1luk upgrade to my equips is very nice to have. And now I can sell my old claw for maybe 300M-ish which will in turn give me enough money to try and upgrade my 14 attack glove to a 16 att glove. Good night for me~!

Also tonight at zakum we had a few spare helmets left over and I had 5 helmet acc 70%’s so I decided to use them on my helmet. They all worked, so now I have a 15/20/15/15, and 5 slot helmet… the extra dex is nice because I can actually go to GPQ now and not rely on my earrings to wear my Casters. It’s also nice because after maple hero, it’s enough of a boost to equip a Craven with Maple Hero. x)

Good day for me indeed. =D

Oh yeah and yesterday my brother and I drove up north to some visit some friends and watch the Superbowl with em. I don’t even really care for football, but watching the superbowl and rooting for teams you don’t care about is oddly amusing. 😀 Commercials were great too~ Anyways we got back this afternoon, and the trip was awesome.

5am, I’m off to bed, g’night!

    • Lucy
    • February 6th, 2008

    I’m so glad you had fun watching the Superbowl and pretending to support a team Joshy. :3

    Grats on the Casters too~!

    Why do you never wear the Janus emo hair anymore? *cry*

  1. Cuz it’s emo and I’m not!

    It’s also fugly and I’m not!

    • Lucy
    • February 8th, 2008


    I know perfectly well you’re very much on the other end of the spectrum from fugly, but the Janus hair makes me lol. ;~;

    THEY TOOK THE BUNNY OVERALL OUT OF CS. This is a scandal. After all my years of purchasing the bunny outfit how dare they remove the one outfit I truly love. Not exactly on topic but I needed to vent.

  2. Well that’s not cool. 😦 I didn’t know they took it out! D:

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