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Been a few days since my last blog.. Since then I’ve leveled to 157, sold my Casters for 130m + a 53 att mamba. Made Crystal ilbis and Facestompers, and need to get 1 more dex to be able to wear my katinas with the FS equipped. They turned out 4dex btw.

Crystal ilbis are so rad(white, 29att), but they’re glitched right now and cannot be recharged. So I just have to wait till they patch to fix that, to continue using and making more of them. They probably cost me about 15-17m in production costs, ilbi not included in that.

On other notes I found out that a really good friend of mine that I’ve known for around 8 months or so, was pretending to be a girl the whole time and finally found out it was a dude yesterday. You really can’t ever know anyone on the internet. :X

Rawrrr I dunno what else I feel like saying right now, I’m off to play Crysis. 😀

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[video]Night Lord Epic

Finally finished my newest action flick, showing off my Night Lord skills and Leafre monsters!

Level, wut?

Hit 156 today. x) Trained like 13% or so with my bishop friend Roo(rooboo32). I think I was making around 5% a hour or so with her so it was really nice given it was just us two and I was on 1x…. 10% an hour with 2x is pretty nice. x)



Right before I leveled a friend of mine(LordDrac0) asked if anybody needed something searched for in fm because he had an owl he wanted to get rid of, so I asked if he could look for a Ninja Storm 20 book. He found one for 7m so I bought it and it worked. =D


Also on the way from Zakum to Pap today I killed the two Gatekeepers and got an 83 att Dark Arund. 2 attack below average but I have a friend who’s been hunting them so I just mailed it to him for free. Maybe he’ll scroll it into something good. 🙂

maplestory-2008-02-11-23-41-35-71.png  maplestory-2008-02-11-23-53-08-34.png  maplestory-2008-02-12-00-00-00-31.png  maplestory-2008-02-12-00-00-17-09.png


Not much happening lately. Training here and there… not really motivated to grind really hard. I want to get a 2x card but I’ve been applying for jobs and I don’t want to buy a card then the next day get hired to work during those hours that I purchased the 2x card for…. I’ll just wait till I get hired and figure out some hours to decide which 2x card to buy. 😀

Also, lately there’s been this retard copying me in Windia with the ign ‘D4rknIng”. He has my same old nx outfit, and goes around saying he’s me. I guess it’s believable because during Zakum the other night I noticed a ‘d4rknIng’ has logged in, and I checked in guild and there he was…. apparently he lied to somebody and they thought it was me on a new character. Meh, it doesn’t really bother me. Just goes to show how pathetic people are to lack all originality or sense of… i don’t know the word, like faith in themselves to be something great on their own. Meh, oh well. If anybody sees him kindly let him know that he should probably open a book and start his own story.

Lately after Zakum I’ve been going to pap with my friend Jon(TrueMark,139 xbow), and with both of us using apples… I think we get both runs finished in like 10-12 minutes. Not bad considering it’s just us two attacking. His SE isn’t maxed yet too, I’d love to try and help him out with getting the 30 book, but I’m broke right now. X_X

Wall of text warning.

On topic of broke, I made an 18luk 2dex Red Pirate top today… That’s where the remaining 20m I had went. It’s not quite as good as I wanted, but came with a slightly funny story. I was training at skelogons with Jace(BountyNyah, 128 bishop) and he got a drop but since he just came back from being quit, he didn’t have a pet, and his equip inventory was full, so he dropped a red pirate top out of his inventory to pick up the drop(neos pants I think). I got the top and later after we were done training I figured I’d take a gamble with 30’s and see how it worked. First 30% worked, so I went to try another, that one failed, but it was still a pretty good top so I went on to 70%. After hitting 2 70%’s on it(3 slots left), I figured I’d try another 30%, and that one failed. At this point I pretty much had to 30 if I wanted a good top at all. So I bought another 30 and that one worked, 15luk 2dex 1 slot. I went off to find one last 70% so I randomly went to FM 1 on ch. 4(yeah, a few people ACTUALLY set up shop there) so somebody had one there, I bought it and it worked, then I went to look at the top after it was finished, and it was 18luk. I thought 70%’s gave 2 luk so I looked back in the shop where I bought it and it was actually a 30%. Risky gamble I took there but it worked out great in the end so I’m happy. =D

Check it out, my comp spazzed at Zakum the other night and MS wound up ‘Not Responding’, but I managed to print screen before that happened… freaky. x)


87 DT I broke when trying to scroll for Erica.


Lol Sabian can’t survive on his bro’s character. xd


And I’m going to concert now, so that’s all for me. bbl. x)


Lately after the nightly Zakum and Pap, for the remainder of my 2x card I have been hunting at Dragon Turtles trying to find a Casters… tonight I got lucky and found what I wanted!


After I found it I scrolled back to town and got the two 30% Claw Attacks I had saved up from before the 4th job patch(they were cheaper then). And threw ’em both on… sadly they both failed, but no break so I ran off to the free market to buy some more scrolls. I figured I needed at least 3 30%’s to work to make it better than my 58 attack, so after searching fm a little I found some scrolls(a bit overpriced, but meh)…. and work….Work….WORK… so I had a 59 att 3luk 2 slot claw, and decided to 60% the rest because it was already 1 attack better than my old one… and for the price of those 5 scrolls… 1 weapon attack gained on my claw was so much cheaper than spending hundreds of millions on trying to upgrade my glove. So I played it safe and got 2 60%’s… first one failed but the second worked! So the end result is…..


I’m happy, a 3 attack, 1luk upgrade to my equips is very nice to have. And now I can sell my old claw for maybe 300M-ish which will in turn give me enough money to try and upgrade my 14 attack glove to a 16 att glove. Good night for me~!

Also tonight at zakum we had a few spare helmets left over and I had 5 helmet acc 70%’s so I decided to use them on my helmet. They all worked, so now I have a 15/20/15/15, and 5 slot helmet… the extra dex is nice because I can actually go to GPQ now and not rely on my earrings to wear my Casters. It’s also nice because after maple hero, it’s enough of a boost to equip a Craven with Maple Hero. x)

Good day for me indeed. =D

Oh yeah and yesterday my brother and I drove up north to some visit some friends and watch the Superbowl with em. I don’t even really care for football, but watching the superbowl and rooting for teams you don’t care about is oddly amusing. 😀 Commercials were great too~ Anyways we got back this afternoon, and the trip was awesome.

5am, I’m off to bed, g’night!



Yay. 😀

I went to pap right after Zakum with my friend Jon(Truemark, 13x Marksman), and we killed both paps in like 12 minutes(we had apples). TT is such an amazing skill, the fact that you can KB things more with it than L7 is awesome too. Last night I went to solo a crow and I had him pinned against the wall the whole time. I died once because I took too long to fj away from him and he zapped me. It probably took me 10 minutes or so with an apple on…. really nice. 😀

I should be getting my TT20 tonight if it drops.. hopefully it will work!


Venom is awesome too, I’ve got it maxed now and I think I’ve seen it do up to 26.4k. 😀 I think I managed to SS it….. lemme see. Aha here it is. 😀