4th job, skills, 154, drama, etc…

4th job has been out now for 5 or so days, and it’s been awesome every minute of it. ;D

The first three days after the patch I spent at Cornians hunting for Venom 20…. to no such luck. I don’t think they actually drop it or other skills here like they do in MSEA, JMS, etc. In the end my friend Alex(Kaidatan), found me a venom 20 book at pap and gave it to me(I paid 10m for his trouble). It worked so that was all good and done and I haven’t spent any annoying amount of time at Cornians since. 😀 Hefferheffer gave me a Venom 30 to try throwing on but it failed the other day, and since there’s other Hermits that need that now as well, I’ll just have to wait it out to try again. Which is fine with me.

Later on the same day Maken(xExalionx) messaged me that he had found a Fake (Shadow Shifter) 20 book and so I decided to buy that from him for 15m. It worked, and then shortly after my other friend Richie(NoIce4Richie) found a level 30 Fake book in FM for 10m, so I bought that and it worked. Yay for Fake being out of the way, it’s an amazing skill to have. 30% total avoid is sexyyyyy.


I hit 154 yesterday(Sunday), as well. Training with a bishop using Genesis is so fast. @_@ I’m clocking like 9m~ exp an hour on 1x with level 20 venom and still using Lucky Seven. I’m anxious to see how much quicker it gets when I get Triple Throw. Here’s a screenshot. x)



Even since the first zakum run we did after 4th job(the same day it was released), just having skills like Sharp Eyes and Maple Hero was plenty enough to cut our average run time in HALF. Our first zrun as 4th jobbers took only 14 minutes, compared to the old 25-30 as 3rd jobbers. It’s amazing how much stronger we are now!

The other night a guy named Thalkorn whispered me and said he had found the letter required for the Ninja Storm quest, so I decided to buy it from him for 10m. After doing that I’ve now got my Ninja Storm, and it’s an awesome skill, even though it’s only level 4 now. PKBing things gives a new sense of mob control I haven’t felt before.


My greed of Triple Throw has begun to show, and it has begun to negatively affect other people. I came to a rude awakening tonight after Zakum when Temporality pretty much grilled me for thinking of myself higher than other people that had gone to runs longer than me, even if they had been playing other servers or quit. And so now I guess I should take up the burden of the Christian I am and let everybody else go first. Even if I don’t feel like it… sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always fun. Serves me right for being so selfish.

I think that’s it for tonight…. I’m going to be making a video of my advancement as soon as I get TT I guess. Later~

    • Zekage
    • January 30th, 2008


  1. You overpaid for your storybook. I gave em away to all the Hubris members that needed them (found a total of 3). Temp was the only one to buy. @_2 Also, you’re frickin’ rich, lole.

    • Lucy
    • February 3rd, 2008

    Quite frankly Joshy my drama > your drama.

    It also sucks a hell of a lot more too. 😛

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