Lag resolved

So yeah, I woke up today and the internet was not connected at all. I went into the router’s config and it said the internet was not available…. which made me think it was an ISP problem. So I spent all day sitting around watching tv and stuff waiting on the internet till like 5pm when I asked my dad just to call the company. They said that the internet was totally functional and to try hooking the comp straight up to the modem without using the router… That worked so I spent my whole day waiting on a broken router to work. Luckily we still had our Router from Germany so earlier my dad and I went to buy an AC adapter so that it would work in an American outlet(USA uses a 110v power system and Europe uses a 220v system). So after that we got it hooked up and I’m not having a messed up internet connection anymore. So apparently the lag was all caused by that and I’ve been dealing with it for almost a week now. >.<

Last night my friend let me use her Priest at Zakum and it was tons of fun. :3(Thanks Lucy!!) It requires alot more concentration than playing a Hermit because you have to use dispel and heal and potions all together and all that good stuff. :3

I’m really really getting restless about when 4th job is coming out…. I hope it comes out this week!

    • Lucy
    • January 23rd, 2008

    220v for the win. PAL for the win. Europe for the win~!

    Any time Josh. I was impressed that you didn’t die. You’re not a magey person.

    Also, lol @ you posting about 4th job on the day it’s announced. I don’t want to do my Genesis quest when it’s uppp. *whinge*

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