Chillax and Lag

Still waiting for 4th job…. so in the meantime I’ve just been playing other games and MS at night for Zakum and APQ.  Sorta like a calm before the storm kinda thing. 😀

I doubt I could seriously train on MS regardless of whether I wanted to or not because my internet has been having some crazy lag the past few days… My dad called the ISP and they said they were working on some street nearby… I hope that’s the problem and they fix it before tomorrow.

On other notes it snowed here last night and it looked absolutely gorgeous. :3 We only got about 1 inch, and it’s already all melted away, but it was nice while it lasted~

kk, off to Need for Speed Underground 2. ttyl

    • Lucy
    • January 21st, 2008

    Pics of pretty snow plox. e_e

    You didn’t kill me at Zakum – this makes me sad, though maybe one day you should make a Priest as a side project. You must be good using one. ❤

  1. I was soooo laggy last night though! I’m glad I stayed alive though, although I don’t think I did a very good job at healing. 😦

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