Hermit Resolve[Video], Level 153.

Finally finished that video I had been working on for ages…. I’m not quite happy with it because I lost interest in it as a whole around halfway through. I just bothered to finish it for the sake of not wasting the work I already put into it. Enjoy!


Also, I hit level 153 earlier. The level up footage is in the video! x)

153 will have been the last level up I do as a Hermit, since 4th job is only 3 days away…. Can’t wait!

    • Lucy
    • January 13th, 2008

    This will probably be a great source of embarrassment as soon as I ask you who sang the songs; I would like to make sweet sweet love to the first song on the video*

    I loved it, even if you did lose interest and manage to incorporate a 4th job plix or two. :3


    *Statement void if said band screams rather than sings.

  1. Mwahaha, thanks lucycakes. :3 Click the video to go to the youtube page! I have the songs listed in the details. x)

    • Lucy
    • January 14th, 2008

    Apparently I like Muse, despite their real estate pilfering ways.

    Though that flat is now next to a gay bar. Lolz.

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