Tree Decorating Happiness, gogo

So yeah, yesterday Lucy and I decided to decorate a tree to try and cheer me up. 😀 It worked~ She bought me a friendship ring, too! Even though she doesn’t like clovers. >.< I’m still surprised it took us this long to get one.  I remember us saying were going to get one when they first came out. :3
Here’s some screenshots of our beautiful tree. x)

maplestory-2008-01-04-12-53-50-78.png  maplestory-2008-01-04-12-54-20-40.png  maplestory-2008-01-04-12-54-30-32.png

After all that we went to vic and on the way crogs came and boom boom boom boom I want them in my room and nothing dropped. We were originally gonna apq but she wound up not going. 😦

Then later in the day I went and caught a bunch of nub hackers at Phantoms, then Zakum that night and that’s about it.

I stil miss Erica. D:

    • Lucy
    • January 5th, 2008

    The shiny cures all! No screenshot evidence of me being brave enough to drop my Doomsday for more than a second though. Or your Casters.

    Also; LIES. One C Rog dropped Nevermelting Snow. That surely counts.

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