iDarkning | Ap Resets

Past 2 days I’ve been training on iDarkning alot, there’ve been 2x exp events and himes are simply too crowded to try and find a map or party. so yeah, iDarkning’s now level 57, probably 59 by the end of today.

Also I wound up being on time for that ap reset sale, so I bought 2 5-packs. x) 94 base dex now~The extra 2 levels of luk was nice, and I think my new max per star on himes is 9.5 with a warrior elixer.

Last night at Zakum, since it’s the weekend we normally only do 1 run on sat and sun to ‘reset’ our timer for money so that we can go back in for 2 runs on Monday as early as possible. Anyways, we did 3 runs last night, and the first 2 were with CBs, because all of our main attackers were going on the ‘main runs’. So yeah, I played a buyer for those two runs, since my hermit was already waiting for the normal runs happening shortly after. All in all I love doing so many runs a night because firstly it’s fun and secondly, I get money. x)

Happy New Year all!

    • Lucy
    • January 2nd, 2008

    Go go Joshy~! The Himes map thing is a pain but the kiddies will be in school again soon.

    I saw a Red Craven in FM today during my Gold Emerald exploding adventures and thought of buying one for you – too that plan was foiled by the fact it was unbuyable. *goes out to busk for mesos*

  1. Awww thanks for the thought about the craven… it was 200m the other day, but I’m still glad you didn’t get it because I would have to have 30%’d it maybe twice along with other scrolls to make a worthwhile upgrade from my Casters… and I wouldn’t want to blow up your money. :3

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