Hit 152 last night. x) Gonna try and get at least one more level before 4th job comes out. Having over 100 skill points ready to rock sounds pretty appealing. 8D

Today on GMS as part of the Winter Sales, there’s supposed to be AP Resets on sale… 5 for 7.7k nx. Since I made those shoes, and at the time I’ll even be able to get my hands on a Craven, I’ll already have Maple Hero, so I can use that for some extra dex as well… if need be. So yeah, I plan to reset about 8dex…. Hopefully I won’t miss that sale. Nexon’s been doing some lame thing where they set a certain amount of the item to be sold during the sale, and if you miss it… you miss it.

I’ll post back later to say if I did or did not get those AP Resets….. for now, peace out. x)

    • Zekage
    • December 28th, 2007


    • Lucy
    • December 28th, 2007

    Joshycake conveniently left out all death screenies!

    *won’t spoiler on the AP resets* x3

  1. Oooh yeah lucy thanks for reminding me! :3

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