Snowman, Training, 151

Last night our Zakum group decided to have our group ‘event’ for Christmas by summoning and killing a snowman in Happyville. It was tons of fun and soon enough the amount of people grew beyond our group of 30ish friends. Check out some screen shots below.

maplestory-2007-12-21-00-13-50-31.png    maplestory-2007-12-21-00-33-58-48.png maplestory-2007-12-21-01-32-36-46.png

maplestory-2007-12-21-02-01-40-17.png  maplestory-2007-12-21-02-03-28-93.png   maplestory-2007-12-21-02-04-50-57.png maplestory-2007-12-21-02-15-50-78.png maplestory-2007-12-21-02-29-01-06.png  maplestory-2007-12-21-02-38-08-57.png

Notice at the end we all had a little death-fiesta! =D

Overall the whole evening/fight everything was just a blast. I don’t think there could’ve been a better way to make our Christmas this year more memorable. =D


Also, today they had a 2x exp even from 4-6est, and since my 2x card runs from 1-5est, I had one hour of 4x experience. That’s always fun. During my normal 2x, I managed to hit level 151. ;D


After that I kept training until 6est when the event ended, and got to 21%. (I started the day at 90%)

I’ll blog some more when more interesting things happen, until then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Lucy
    • December 24th, 2007

    Haha. Joshycake got put on ice in Happyville.

    Yay for level 151, and yay for being buried under a mound of Himes~!

    More 4x plix.

  1. :33 Yus. ❤ my lucy.

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