Good Scrolling Luck

Wow. This came out surprisingly good. @_@

2dex/3luk clean Dark Moss Boots.


Also, I can’t remember if I mentioned or not, but I’m married to Dediicated(117 CB), and her name is Erica. :3 Nyende is her Hermit, who I actually trained with back during 8x and 9x. ❤

She’s made of uberprowinness.

    • Sal
    • December 20th, 2007

    Holy sheit. 18 STAT SHOE! Me likey, I assume your using it? Or selling it?

  1. Well… I’ll be keeping them for sure. However for training I’ll probably be wearing my old 1dex/4luk boots because the extra luk is what matters with Lucky 7. Dex does nothing for my damage.

    I’d reset to make my new dex boost worthwhile, but the general idea was to have enough dex for a Craven. Mission Accomplished. =D

    • thestoryofaeyln
    • December 22nd, 2007

    Hey Josh!! if you sell those shoes you should sell to me once I have more mesos! 😀

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