Training my hermit still, exp is so slow without that 2x event. @_@ I might have to buy a 2x card sometime soon so I can hit up 150… Hmm. I think I’ll go back to playing my dexless sin once I do hit 150. Just wait it out for 4th job… every level I do after 120 on my Hermit is one less I’ll get the full 4th job experience out of.

I did some toying around with how my 4th job build will be, and I think it’ll come out something like this;

9 Maple Hero(Because I can and it’s free!)
20 Venom(I can solo pap for skill cards)
20 TT(I’m a regular on zruns)
20 Fake(Same as venom)
And at this point I’ll have 24 points left over(assuming I’m 150 when 4th comes out)
I’ll probably put 10 into Javelin, then 10 into challenger, and finish working on fake.

We’ll see what happens after that.

Also, yesterday I bought some 13 att Stormcaster gloves for 70m, I only had 42m at the time so I borrowed 35m from a friend and gave him my old 12att bwgs to sell, and whatever money was left over from what the sale after he deducted my debt, would come back to me.

Soo yeah, here’s my new range.

And with a warrior elixer.

    • Sal
    • December 2nd, 2007

    Wow thats a AWESOME attack range! Your my current idol for GMS. =D

  1. Heh, it could be better… hopefully I’ll have a 14 att glove by the end of the month… we’ll have to wait and see. =D

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