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iDarkning | Ap Resets

Past 2 days I’ve been training on iDarkning alot, there’ve been 2x exp events and himes are simply too crowded to try and find a map or party. so yeah, iDarkning’s now level 57, probably 59 by the end of today.

Also I wound up being on time for that ap reset sale, so I bought 2 5-packs. x) 94 base dex now~The extra 2 levels of luk was nice, and I think my new max per star on himes is 9.5 with a warrior elixer.

Last night at Zakum, since it’s the weekend we normally only do 1 run on sat and sun to ‘reset’ our timer for money so that we can go back in for 2 runs on Monday as early as possible. Anyways, we did 3 runs last night, and the first 2 were with CBs, because all of our main attackers were going on the ‘main runs’. So yeah, I played a buyer for those two runs, since my hermit was already waiting for the normal runs happening shortly after. All in all I love doing so many runs a night because firstly it’s fun and secondly, I get money. x)

Happy New Year all!



Hit 152 last night. x) Gonna try and get at least one more level before 4th job comes out. Having over 100 skill points ready to rock sounds pretty appealing. 8D

Today on GMS as part of the Winter Sales, there’s supposed to be AP Resets on sale… 5 for 7.7k nx. Since I made those shoes, and at the time I’ll even be able to get my hands on a Craven, I’ll already have Maple Hero, so I can use that for some extra dex as well… if need be. So yeah, I plan to reset about 8dex…. Hopefully I won’t miss that sale. Nexon’s been doing some lame thing where they set a certain amount of the item to be sold during the sale, and if you miss it… you miss it.

I’ll post back later to say if I did or did not get those AP Resets….. for now, peace out. x)

Snowman, Training, 151

Last night our Zakum group decided to have our group ‘event’ for Christmas by summoning and killing a snowman in Happyville. It was tons of fun and soon enough the amount of people grew beyond our group of 30ish friends. Check out some screen shots below.

maplestory-2007-12-21-00-13-50-31.png    maplestory-2007-12-21-00-33-58-48.png maplestory-2007-12-21-01-32-36-46.png

maplestory-2007-12-21-02-01-40-17.png  maplestory-2007-12-21-02-03-28-93.png   maplestory-2007-12-21-02-04-50-57.png maplestory-2007-12-21-02-15-50-78.png maplestory-2007-12-21-02-29-01-06.png  maplestory-2007-12-21-02-38-08-57.png

Notice at the end we all had a little death-fiesta! =D

Overall the whole evening/fight everything was just a blast. I don’t think there could’ve been a better way to make our Christmas this year more memorable. =D


Also, today they had a 2x exp even from 4-6est, and since my 2x card runs from 1-5est, I had one hour of 4x experience. That’s always fun. During my normal 2x, I managed to hit level 151. ;D


After that I kept training until 6est when the event ended, and got to 21%. (I started the day at 90%)

I’ll blog some more when more interesting things happen, until then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Good Scrolling Luck

Wow. This came out surprisingly good. @_@

2dex/3luk clean Dark Moss Boots.


Also, I can’t remember if I mentioned or not, but I’m married to Dediicated(117 CB), and her name is Erica. :3 Nyende is her Hermit, who I actually trained with back during 8x and 9x. ❤

She’s made of uberprowinness.


So I hit 150 yesterday afternoon! Wewt go me~
I wound up buying a 10day 2x card so I could get to 150 before I had to go to a christmas party, and that worked out that I leveled 5 mins before I had to leave. So now I’ve got 8 more days left on the card, should be 152 at least by the time it’s done for.

News of 4th job, Level 149

Freakin’ sweet adlfhaldhfaldskhfadsfha. Today Nexon uploaded a picture text thingamob on their filehosting site, and it was a poster whatever of news that 4th job was coming out in January. =D  About time! I can’t waittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

Also level 149. 🙂 One more to go till 150! Then I think I’ll go train my dexless sin while waiting on 4th job to be released.  =3


‘Bout friggin time….