Me likey 4x exp events! =D

I hit 147 last night, just like I’d had hoped I’d get by Sunday evening, so I’m happy to have reached my goal. Now that my free 2x card poofed and the 2x events went kapow, I’m back to normal, slow 1x grinding at 3% an hour soloing. T_T Maybe I’ll buy a 2x card till I get to 150… Should be like 375-400 million exp to go… Rawr now I’mma try and hit that by Christmas.

They had a pro ap reset sale as part of the event, where ap resets were 3 for 5$, and I bought 4 of the packages. I’ve got 104 base dex now. =D Whoooo still high but not 120 like it used to be a month ago.

I made 10 dex earrings like 2 nights ago that made resetting that much dex actually possible, which is a good thing, because I didn’t feel like wasting tons of money on making dex earrings.

Progress on my 14x video is coming along slowly…. seems like as soon as I finish it I’ll be right on or already in the 15x levels… Hmm.

Anyways I just got home from my grandparents house, where I stayed during Thanksgiving week. Took about 2 and a half hours of driving so it’s good to be home and out of the rainy weather.

k I’m off to griiiiiiiiiiind. =F

    • hermitcity
    • November 27th, 2007

    Nice you better update your sleepywood stats so you can stay on that top 15. Haha I feel like you represent both of us on stats since our gear is almost identical.

  1. :/ yeah I wish I could stay on that list, but I’m really badly equipped for the super-funded Hermits of GMS… Even after resetting and stuff I’m only at 3570 lucky 7 score, which is still 145 on the list short of CcsHermit.

    I’m gonna start saving my money from Zakum payments for a 14+ att glove now. I finally finished upgrading my steelies to ilbis… 20 sets now, I’ll grab 4 more sometime in the future.

    • XBish
    • November 27th, 2007

    you forgot to mention u left pirates and joined fable (you mentione dyou would in one of the first blogs =P)

    but really stop lving and let me pass you

  2. Oh wow, so yeah, I left Pirates and joined Fable about 2 months ago. =D

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