Level 144, 145, Pap solo

So Nexon decided to mess up with some people’s accounts during the Server Check on Tuesday night, which made it so I couldn’t log on until they fixed that problem with another server check…. That pretty much broke my character. They took me off the rankings, made it so I couldn’t open my store, couldn’t trade people, couldn’t accept trades, couldn’t drop things out of my inventory, and couldn’t make parties. Dunno what caused the problems, but they righted the glitch later the next morning.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with these problems, and as a reimbursement of the lost time/levels(some people lost levels/exp/money), they gave us 24 hour 2x cards, that last until Sunday. On top of that there’s a 2x exp event going on every day from Wednesday to Sunday, during 8am pst to 8pm pst. Stacked with the 2x card they gave me, I’m getting pro 4x exp for 12 hours a day, and 2x for the rest, and its wonderful. 😀

I hit 144 last night, trained from 143 at 26% to 144 12% last night, and right now as I type I’m at level 145 and 46%…. that makes 134% all today, and I’ll train a little more tonight. Only downside to this event is that because kids are out of school, it has them ALL playing, and it’s soooo hard to find any map worthwhile on training without Leafre being released. I was in a 3-way party at himes all day, and as I heard, all the squid and goby maps were full. Even the black squid maps were packed. >.<

I plan to hit 146 at least, and hopefully almost if not at 147 by the end of the event…. whoo then I shoot for 150 by Christmas.

I like this version of Nexon that makes an effort to care about their customers. =D

Btw, I tried that pap solo again after I hit 144, and had 4037 with hp gear and I managed to solo perfectly fine in 22 minutes with apples on.

    • ilikecereal
    • November 26th, 2007

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    here have some love
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