Yuh, hit 143 last night! Been training like a maniac lately(without 2x, too), or at least it feels like it. @_@  I hit 142 on Wednesday, and then 143 was yesterday(Sunday). I probably won’t get much training this week because of thanksgiving and going out of town and stuff.

Also this week I started soloing Tengus to get Hime maps… It’s pretty dangerous, but as for my first 2 solos I didn’t die at all. The 3rd time I started set things up with the himes, but once I had them webbed in the corner, I wound up FJing too much away and ran straight into Tengu. xD

I’m getting anxious for some more equip upgrades…. 14+wg and 4att cape pls. ;_; The release of the stormcaster gloves has tooooootally deflated the GMS glove market. Where 12att’s used to be worth 90-100m, now they’re 50-55. 14’s were like 300+, now they’re 150m. 15’s took the place of the old 14 price. Rawr, I need to save my money, but I’m still converting all my steelies into Ilbis.

Peace~ o/

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