Level 142~

So I grinded about 20m exp yesterday and toughed out 25m today, and managed to level about 15 minutes before Zakum started at 8:30pst.

My motivation for leveling now is leaning more towards getting stronger as a hermit than just being higher leveled.

I planned to reset the 6 available stat points I have in dex that I can turn into luk with no problems, but then I decided to wait till after the patch. Maybe we’ll get Riprey, although I highly doubt it. If we do, then my decision to keep my excess dex will be correctly founded, and if we don’t get it…. well I’ll reset those points tomorrow. =D




  1. Yeah I’ve been having the urge to just grind it out and lvl so I can become a stronger NL. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish my lvl and that’ll be 3 lvls this week. Then on the weekend I can hopefully get to 140.

    goodluck on 150 =]

    • Sal
    • November 17th, 2007

    Nice, I bet you eagerly await 4th job =P

    Thanks for you help at zakum when I got the helms for my bro and I =D

    When I get 11x+ I want to join you guys ❤

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