Rawr, been a while since I blogged. 😮

I’ll start things off by saying I got a job installing GPS units for some company named Wireless Matrix. I’ve been doing the ‘jobs’ with my dad and it requires tons of driving to get where we need to install these units. Anyways the pay is good for each unit we install, but the jobs can be inconsistent…. So far we’ve only been doing this about 3 weeks, but 3 weeks ago, we had to drive all the way to Raleigh, NC(3 hours from home), to do a 15 minute job. Last week we went to Myrtle Beach, SC with another job, had 4 things to install there, which only took about 5-6 hours total(different kind of ‘install’ than the first one we did), and then we stayed an extra day after that because we brought my mom and brothers with us as well for a little beach time.  Then Sunday night(the…4th?), we drove from home down to Atlanta, where we stayed working on 32 more trucks installing units over the next 3 days(another dude was working with us), then we drove north from Atlanta up to Franklin, NC, and after that made a few stops on places along the way to the final destination at Greensboro, NC. The other guy came with us to Greensboro to show me and my dad how to install this different type of gps unit on tractor trailers(the big 18wheeler boxcar things)…. After that(which was last night), we stayed there to install 3, then we drove home from Greensboro(2 hour drive).

That brings me to now, Friday morning, where we have to go BACK to Greensboro later today, because starting early all day tomorrow we’ll be installing those trailer units.

Oh, and my laptop AC Adapter decided to die on me last Thursday night, the day after we got back from Myrtle Beach. So I’ve gotten pretty much NO chance at all to really play MS in almost 2 weeks. Still level 141, 20%, and hopefully work will stop pulling me away from home for at least a week(it’s contract work, not scheduled). Soooo right now I’m waiting on my replacement adapter to arrive, which will probably happen on Monday.

Arghhhh so many people are passing me on the Windia ranks. >.< Gone two weeks and 6 people passed me already(which is alot at 141).

So there’s my blog and rant. Hopefully adapter will be ready to roll on Monday and I can get back to training my Hermit.


P.S. Leafre pls.

    • XBish
    • November 27th, 2007

    yes i pwned ur rank, 4x saved ya, but il get cha again sexy

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