An update

Today’s been a pretty good day. =D

I started off this morning at 85% on D4rkn1ng(level 137), and trained till I levelled… Shortly after that I went searching for a left-side Pianus, found one but it was already taken. :/ So I just kinda afk’d for a while(it was around 6pm).

My friend got me to try out an online game she plays called ROSE, so I did for a bit and it’s pretty cool… One of those 3D click to move/attack games, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. This one wasn’t so bad… I’ll have to play it more to fully finish my thoughts on it.

So yeah after that I went and ate(mom made pancakes <3) and after that Heroes came on, so booya! Love that show. ❤ Anyways after that I logged on MS and was invited to go to Zakum with the ‘1st gen’ group so I went with them, got 4.5~% and we’ll see if I get any money out of it or not.. if not it’ll be fine, I’ll try to establish more of a regular routine with them and earn some pay or something. For now I still just love going and fighting with all of my friends~

The whole time I was on vent with half the people, so that makes everything more fun. Having thoughtful discussions while fighting Zakum seriously tears away the boredom you get from hacking away for an hour! x)

But yeah, after Zakum I went hunting a pianus again and found one, finally. I soloed it about 59 minutes and used 350~ cheeses and about 350 mana elixers. No drops though. 😦 Hate it when that happens!  I think I’ll try and solo another one tomorrow… we’ll see. 😀

It’s almost 4am, so I’m off to bed, G’night!

    • hermitcity
    • October 3rd, 2007

    I wish when I went to Jakum I could be on vent with people :(. Sometimes being in JMS has so many downfalls but I don’t want to start over on OMS unfunded.

  1. Yeah I understand how you feel… being unfunded sucks really bad. X_X

    You should try talking to some of the people you go with and ask them to get on a ventrilo. You don’t have to be english to enjoy it. Even though there’s not much you’d understand or pick up with it being Japanese…. It’d still be entertaining to say the least. 😛

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