Himes and Moving~

I’ve been so demotivated to train and even to the point where I don’t even get on MS lately. X_X I believe the source of the problem is Himes. They’re wonderful exp and all, but they’re soooooo boring and it’s incredibly hard to find a map during the time my internet isn’t lagging like a bish. The crows randomly spawning every 6 hours doesn’t help, either.

I believe if it was still Gobies/Squids(they’re just more fun), only with faster exp, I’d still be training and still be motivated… I still go there a little now and then, even though it’s like half as fast as Himes. Meh, we’re supposed to be getting a patch on the 20th… new high level stuff plspls.

Also, we’re moving tomorrow(Saturday the 15th), so I may be pewfed for a few days until we get internet there. We’ll be moving to Rock Hill, South Carolina from here(Belton, SC). It’s about a 2 hour drive so it’s not toooo bad but moving always sucks. God knows I’ve had enough moving to last me quite a while, different countries and whatnot.

Anyways, off I go! To pack, listen to music, clean room, something.


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