Eyy Bay Bay!

So I finally decided to make a blog…. Hmm, I wonder how much I’ll use it. 😮

Anyways, a little intro…. My name is Josh, I’m 18, and I live in South Carolina. My parents were missionaries in Europe for 6 years, so I lived with them in Italy and Germany during that time. I’m fluent in Italian, and my German sucks terribly…. as you can see I’m fluent in English(I’d hope), and one day I’d love to learn Japanese. I play an online game called Maple Story, and this blog will mainly center around my adventures in the game(for now).

In the game, I’m a level 137(it’s slowly going up) Hermit, named D4rkn1ng. I’m in the Pirates guild at the moment, but when I hit 138(after having been in pirates for 100 levels) I plan to move on to some other guild.. I’ll touch up more on that more later.

Oh, also we’re moving from Belton, SC to Rock Hill, SC this weekend, so things will be quite a shift for me over the next few weeks…

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