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2k damage

Whee, even with a 31 att Kandayo I’m able to hit 2k. =D I don’t think I hit 2k on D4rkn1ng until like… 65 or something like that, so this is a nice accomplishment for me. Of course, so much has changed since a year+ ago, but yeah, at least training places are more flexible and also quicker.




I hit 43 on my dexless last night. 😉 I figured I’d give myself a go at scrolling a Kandayo… that didn’t work out so well, I broke it on the first slot. xD I think a friend said he’d let me use his 38, so we’ll see how that works out… In the meantime I’ll just go buy a 100%’d one in fm.


Dexless Sin

Yep, TOTALLY demotivated to train my hermit right now and I still don’t exactly know why…. So I decided to play my dexless sin, iDarkning. It feels nice being uber strong for my level, and actually having new-ish content to look forward to… He’s 35 now, and hits around 1.2k per star, which is really nice… I figure I’ll pq/train to 40 today, if I can manage that without 2x exp… we’ll see. =D

Finally got internet//Motivation

So we moved about a week ago and finally got our internet hooked up today… It’s supposed to be like 5mbps but I believe it’s somewhere closer to 3mbps… Oh well. ;O

Lately I’ve been sooooo demotivated to train on MS, dunno why. Maybe it’s the lack of training options or quests or just the overall high-level grind. I need suggestions on how to get my motivation back on track.

Ttfn, got some stuff to take care of!

Himes and Moving~

I’ve been so demotivated to train and even to the point where I don’t even get on MS lately. X_X I believe the source of the problem is Himes. They’re wonderful exp and all, but they’re soooooo boring and it’s incredibly hard to find a map during the time my internet isn’t lagging like a bish. The crows randomly spawning every 6 hours doesn’t help, either.

I believe if it was still Gobies/Squids(they’re just more fun), only with faster exp, I’d still be training and still be motivated… I still go there a little now and then, even though it’s like half as fast as Himes. Meh, we’re supposed to be getting a patch on the 20th… new high level stuff plspls.

Also, we’re moving tomorrow(Saturday the 15th), so I may be pewfed for a few days until we get internet there. We’ll be moving to Rock Hill, South Carolina from here(Belton, SC). It’s about a 2 hour drive so it’s not toooo bad but moving always sucks. God knows I’ve had enough moving to last me quite a while, different countries and whatnot.

Anyways, off I go! To pack, listen to music, clean room, something.


Eyy Bay Bay!

So I finally decided to make a blog…. Hmm, I wonder how much I’ll use it. 😮

Anyways, a little intro…. My name is Josh, I’m 18, and I live in South Carolina. My parents were missionaries in Europe for 6 years, so I lived with them in Italy and Germany during that time. I’m fluent in Italian, and my German sucks terribly…. as you can see I’m fluent in English(I’d hope), and one day I’d love to learn Japanese. I play an online game called Maple Story, and this blog will mainly center around my adventures in the game(for now).

In the game, I’m a level 137(it’s slowly going up) Hermit, named D4rkn1ng. I’m in the Pirates guild at the moment, but when I hit 138(after having been in pirates for 100 levels) I plan to move on to some other guild.. I’ll touch up more on that more later.

Oh, also we’re moving from Belton, SC to Rock Hill, SC this weekend, so things will be quite a shift for me over the next few weeks…